Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

This is just going to be another quick post. My appologies! I'll have pictures and more detail tomorrow though, so don't you worry!

I just wanted to update everyone on a few new things that I tried. First of all, I'm not sure if you remember me mentioning that I got a free sample of this in the mail:

Well, I decided to give it a try last night while I was sitting with my sister at work (she had to work a 16 hour shift yesterday! On Thanksgiving of all days! So I brought her dinner and sat at the EMT base with her from about 6pm- midnight). I have some pro's and con's to this treat!

CONS - First of all, despite only having 7 grams of sugar, it was EXTREMELY sweet. Probably because of the honey, but it was strange for me to not like something sweet! I don't know why exactly, but it was almost too much for me.

PROS- However, on the flip sit, the bar itself was very soft but there were full, crunchy nuts in the bar that contrasted the chewiness very well. Also, there were a lot of cashews, which I absolutely love!

Tonight I also tried some more of that pumpkin that I bought. I decided to take a chance and try cinnamon and salt. It sounds weird, but it was actually really good! I'm a huge salt addict though.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and black friday! You all deserve to have AMAZING holidays, and so far I have been so impressed by how well everyone has dealt with everything. Have a goodnight!


  1. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the comment and yes thats totally fine if you add me to your blog roll. I'd like to add yours to mine as well but I can't figure out how to since yours is not from wordpress like mine is... oh well hopefully I'll figure it out soon but in the meantime ill just book mark it. We do seem to like a ton of the same food and i'm also a freshman in college right now. We should keep in touch through the blogs cuz we seem to be on the same page about stuff. thanks for reading.

  2. Lots and lots of cashews? Sounds great! haha!

  3. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the bar review!

  4. Great product review!!

    Have a lovely Saturday, Laura!!