Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not a real post....but not exactly a fake one =]

I'm just gathering my things and about to run out the door back to UConn. I'm so excited to be going back, but I only have 10 more days there until I'm home for 6 weeks! As I was getting ready I remembered that yesterday I fought my fear of foods with >200 calories and purchased a peanut butter cookie LaraBar. So...I decided to try it. ED told me to only have half....or even one bite and tell myself that I didn't like it. But I went for two....and then three....and then it was gone! And it is honestly my new favorite food! Move over pumpkin, you have competition! I read the wrapper and all that talk about whole, natural foods being the best for you just made me feel even better about having eaten it. My tongue is happy now, my body is satisfied, and I'm ready to go back to school...nourished, and content.


  1. Love the magnet! And way to go with that Larabar, I know I was SOO nervous about larabars at first, but you definitely made the right call, they are NOT too much of anything (except maybe delicious)!

    Have a safe trip today :)

  2. Cute magnet! Hooray for enjoying the Larabar :) If you like cinnamon may I recommend the Apple Pie flavor - it's delish!

  3. Thanks both of you! I love seeing such positive comments =]

    And K- you can't go wrong with ANYTHING titled "Apple Pie"! I'm going to stop at the market on the way back from the gym today, and I'll be picking one of those up!

  4. Glad to hear things are going great.

    And I am very jealous of you. I have to wait fourteen days before I can head on home!

  5. Sharon- 14 days? =[ A lot of my friends have a full THREE WEEKS of school until they have to go home. So...14 days is do-able =]

    It's all about perspective.

  6. Larabars are great. Laura, I am so proud that you have found a new love for them! They are such a feel-good for me. When I eat them, I feel pure and proud and full of life. It's crazy! I think it is cause I know how special they are and I ALWAYS think of bloggers when I eat them. So nice to have you join the Larabar bandwagon! Yipppeee--hop right on!!

    I never thought of having a bar with my lunch-that sounds really good. I usually crave bars around that time, too. Laura-you and I are so similar ! I Really enjoy reading your posts and laughed outloud. I really hope we can get together one day. You are awesome!!

    I also want to commend you for sharing your "minor" weight gain if you will-you know you are going in the right direction, right? I know how easy it is so believe u are Losing the game with Ed. that gaining=losing. But do u want the truth? YOU ARE WINNING. YOU ARE WINNING AT LIFE!! YOU ARE WINNING LAURA!

    Gaining is not easy--especially cause its our bodies and we have to live with it forever. but think of it this way, gaining gives u more years to live, allows u more energy to run, more laughs, more trips, more experiences, a longer marriage. its soooo worth it. and plus, we all look better with a booty I AGREE!!!

    have a great day of classes--oh god. talk to u soon!