Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pictureless Post

My apologies for the lack of pictures, but I just don't find myself in the right circumstances to take pictures. However, I had a little revelation today...and I would like to share it with you.

It might be a little triggering, but if you read the whole thing I think it will make up for it!

I woke up this morning with no intent of eating breakfast (my cousin was having a baby shower with brunch included, and I figured I would just eat there.) I brewed myself a GIANT cup of coffee and got ready to go, but before we left my stomach wouldn't stop making noises! So I finished the life cereal, dressed up with soy milk and blueberries!

I got to the party and felt ED coming back! It was so stressful, that I gave myself a headache. I ended up drinking a little more coffee, and snacked on some scrambled eggs and french toast. But I wandered out of the room when it was time for desert, even though I really wanted a piece of that cake!

I was so low on energy that I napped on the way home. I knew I was going to be going to Panera (I work there for everyone who doesn't know!) to visit everyone and tell my manager when I can work over xmas break, and I was also headed to do some grocery shopping. I really wanted to have energy for both of these so I had a kashi go-lean crunch bar (1st time having the chocolate almond one, and OMGosh! so good!) and then nuked a sweet potato in the microwave. This gave me MAJOR energy, and I felt great visiting my friends and shopping!

Dinner was a veggie burger, panera's wg bread (my fav!, and I get it for free =] ) and some carrots. But afterwards I was laying on the couch and felt my stomach still grumbling, so I treated myself to two pieces of Ezeikial bread with lots of pb. I felt TERRIBLE about eating so much pb until it hit me. I had energy. I avoided food and didn't enjoy myself around my family, but then enjoyed my friends after I let myself eat. And now, I just finished my favorite snack EVER and am able to smile and chat happily with my parents.

I always find myself more okay (not grammatically correct, sorry!) with eating at night...and that needs to change, because I need to be okay during the day so I can have the energy to enjoy life!

So I'm going to begin tomorrow- eating well THROUGHOUT the day so I will have energy to live life. Because I deserve it. That's right. The first time I've EVER said that.


That felt good.


  1. You deserve every last lick of Peanut butter. I'm here to let you know that!

  2. Thank you Lee! =] I just always OVERdo it. I need to stick to my portioned packs!