Tuesday, December 2, 2008

[Almond] Butter me up!

This is going to be a short one! I have class until 4:45, then need to squeeze dinner, the gym, AND a shower in before 7 when I'm going to volunteer at a homeless shelter until 10:30! Tuesdays are so crazy!

First things first. Despite the fact that my last almond butter experience ended on a not-so-hot note, I decided to give the free packet of maple almond butter that I got from Starbucks a shot. And you know what? It wasn't half bad. It was no PEANUT BUTTER, but it will definitely be going on my options list.

(this picture doesn't do my snack any justice.)


A few points I want to make and questions I want to ask. Then I'm off!

1. How do you guys manage to take pictures of all of your meals? I eat all of mine in the dining hall and I just can't figure out a way to take pictures but I would really love to include meals on here! Any hints?

2. I decided to buy another LaraBar yesterday, and picked up a Coca Mole one, without realizing that this isn't just cocoa...but has a kick to it as well! I haven't tried it yet, but I was wondering if anyone else has.

3. Over this past break, I went to visit my grandmother and we got to talking about my father. He visits her every Saturday and ends up staying and talking with her for a good 3 hours or so. Well, on this particular day my grandma decided to share with me one of the things her and my dad talk about- which was me. And not really ME per say, but rather how proud he was of me. I have been emailing him a lot lately, and always end the email with an "I love you" which is something that we don't really say a lot in my family. I wish we did, but it has just never been our thing. So to hear that my father was TRULY proud of me, and loved that I included an "I love you" at the end of every email really made me smile like it was nobodies business! Ever since then, when ED begins trying to control me, I tell him "No ED. I want to make my dad proud. I want to think clearly and beat this so I will not let my father down!" I want to beat this for me. I want to beat this for him. I want to beat this for EVERYONE I come into contact with, because no one deserves any of the effects of ED- No. One.


  1. Hey girl! Glad you gave almond butter another shot! I didn't love it at first either, but I finally found a brand I like--MaraNatha smooth a.b. Very good!
    Good luck with your busy day!
    1. I don't eat in the commons/dining hall so I cant help ya there!
    2. Never tried cocoa mole! Im kinda scared of the 'spice factor' haha.
    3. That's AMAZING. I did a lot of thinking about recovery last year because i saw how much it made my dad just miserabley upset. seeing your dad (a man, a father) so proud is amazing, but seeing him so scared during rough e.d. times is so sad. it made me want to work hard, too :)

  2. Good luck with your crazy Tuesday! I know how ya feel ;)

    I can't help you on the first two but I just wanted to say that not only should your dad be proud of you but you should be proud of yourself! You seem so strong and determined to recover :)

  3. Amy- I'll have to keep my eye's open for that brand! I've only had Justin's brand. Plain and Maple. I also have a packet of honey AB waiting for me to try.
    It's been really hard to see my dad, such a strong and solid man, scared for his daughters life. It's such a great motivator to think about our therapy sessions where I saw him almost cry. It hurts to think that I'm the cause of that....well not me specifically, but my disease. =[

    K- It's really hard for me to think positive about myself at all, which I absolutely hate! Each day I try to find SOMETHING positive to focus on...even if I don't completely believe it, I try to convince myself of it because I know the negative thoughts are ED talking for me. I am determined to recover though!! SO. SO determined!

  4. Laura, I love almond butter, Im glad you have found a new liking for it!
    Your writings about your dad brought me to tears :(

  5. Laura,

    I pack my lunch for work, so I'm able to take a picture of it. I would not be taking pics if I was in the cafeteria either. My co-workers would never understand this food blog thing.

    I've never had the coca larabar. I assumed it was cocoa too!

    So glad your dad is proud! Keep thinking positive! I'm here for support!

  6. Hey girl- I am so happy you tried almond butter again! try it on waffles soon, yum :)
    And, I definitely do not take a lot of pictures in public. All of the pics on my blog are taken at home. I need to work on taking pictures in public. I feel weird sometimes and also sometimes I simply forget!
    Keep the happy thoughts, up! Have a wonderful night!!