Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brrr my chobs is frozen!!


It's how I eat ALL of my yogurt now! It's such a great experience for my tongue! At first it's cold and solid, but it quickly melts into a creamy delight! However, for some reason Greek yogurt becomes a ROCK when you freeze it. I need to go find my chisel...

Does anyone know why my pictures look so dull when I post them on here? They looks so much more vibrant when I load them onto my computer!!

I'm just warning everyone--I am in a VERY good mood right now. I just joined a gym at home, and even though I'm not supposed to be doing any exercise while I'm in recovery, I find that impossible. I exercised EVERY day when I was at school, and gained a little but of weight all by myself. This past week I haven't exercised at all, and found myself tired and a little depressed. I'm just making sure that I don't overdo it, and focus more on weights than on cardio. Building that muscle..GRRR!!


I am very upset about my snack this afternoon. I felt like something chocolate..so I had a small piece of Dove chocolate (small piece=HUGE accomplishment). But that just wasn't cutting it! So I remembered this little number that I had in my cabinet:

I was SO excited to try it, that I just ripped it open and popped it into my mouth....annnddd spit it out JUST as quickly. I thought it was awful!! It has this funny taste that just wouldn't snop lingering. Is this normal for this bar?

Well I was still in the mood for a bar, but didn't want to try the Jocolat bar QUITE yet, for fear of another bad outcome!

So I figured, I LOVED the PB Cookie Larabar, so how can I go wrong with a Cashew Cookie one?!

I was wrong again! I hated it!
Either I'm still a little sick, or these bars are letting me down! I didn't taste ANY nuts in this bar at all. Just funny tasting dates. (look how weird I'm holding this! That's my pointer finger in front, and my middle finger in back)

"How does one become a butterfly?" she asked. "You must want to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."


  1. Wow, that is so cool! What a delightful way to enjoy Chobani!

  2. I know what you mean about the exercise- UGH not working out makes me crankypants...Too bad about your bad bars experience, i'm thinking the only plus side if you dont like them is saving some $$!?

  3. mm frozen chobz - yummmm
    sorry about your bad luck with those bars today! i haven't tried any of the clif nectar flavors - i think you may have convinced me to keep it that way!!

    woo hoo for joining the gym! pump mad iron woman ;)

  4. frozen chobani?! brilliant!!!

    Way to go on eating the Dove chocolate!!!! :) :) :) :)

  5. Frozen Chobs?! Sounds tasty :) Have you tried the TJs mocha yogurt? How was it?

    Sorry about the bars - I tried a new one today and it was fantastic!

  6. Hey girl, I am in recovery from an eating disorder as well and it def is a struggle...kudos on the chocolate bite I know how big that mustve been for yOU! I just started blogging yesterday actually but I have been creeping on your blog for a couple weeks now and am proud of you! I was on the same page with exercise regiment as you when I was at school, but when I had to come home i had to stop working out as part of doctors orders because my heart couldve stopped..still can stop. And it is SOOO depressing, but I still go for walks because it's light and I feel great after and its a good transition..try it out? hang in there!

  7. lol sorry about your multiple failed PM snacks, but at least you know what NOT to reach for next time, right?! i liked cashew cookie though :\

    frozen chobez=great idea :D

    good job on throwing down on the choco-latte. !!

    im joining a gym at home tomorrow, too, and im so gosh darn thrilled. im allowed to workout and all, but its still fun to go to a gym at home for the first time :D

  8. Sorry to hear about the disappointing bars!

    And I certainly do NOT want to be nosy, or a mom, but I just want to caution you with the gym membership. While exercise is definitely healthy, there are more than a few reasons for cutting it out during recovery. I didn't do a thing for 3 MONTHS at the beginning of mine, and it was hard, but in retrospect, it was the best thing for me at the time. Just take care of yourself, girly, you're doing so well!

  9. laura, laura, laura! this made me laugh and frown because...I LOVE cashew cookie Larabar, haha. Girl, try it again when you're feeling better, for me! I laughed about the clif tasting though. ugh, sorry it was nasty and had to be spit out! boo.
    okay and here's a question (you know i love our Q&A)- what are you going to do strength training wise? let me know. as you know i am sick of cardio. i have NO muscle mass. that needs to be fixed. so guide me with this and let me know what you're gonna do haha we can do it together and update eachother on our muscle status. bahaha. Yes?
    Love ya!

  10. Ok, frozen Chobani = Yummy!!!!

    Sorry about the bars!

    I have to cut my workouts down too and it sucks! I know the feeling!

  11. hi doll!
    first of all--- please-- no apologies at alll!!!! you are too sweet! it's no big deal lady!!! i'm with you on the clif nectar--no bueno!!! congrats on the dove chocolate :)
    **ps we should meet up since we live close!!!! whereabouts are u from?

  12. i am so glad to hear you are doing well and have positive thoughts! and just remember to maintain being mindful and focused when you work out! :)

    your frozen chobani looks so good! i'll have to try that with soy yogurt.

    as for the cashew larabar, im sorry you didn't like! i know the taste you are talking about. i have had some stale bars before that were very flavorless :(

    i hope you have another great day!

  13. heya hun,
    love that quote at the end of ur post, im gonna write it down :)
    your frozen chobani looks so yummy!!
    aw u hate when i get all excited about enw bars and they turn out all icky n not nice at all.
    thats great u joined the gym, dont let ed make it all about burning cals tho!! focus on being strong and healthy :) i dont have a gym membership..i used to have 2 but i had to cancel them both and my mum goes to the gym 6 days a week for hourse each time so at first it was super hard not going but i like my power walks now and i still do lunges and ab stuff and weights at home so im ok with it now, an i think going to the gym wud jus remind me too much of my ed.
    haha sorry babe i started waffling a bit,
    anyways hope ur having a fantastic day
    much love xxxx