Friday, December 19, 2008

Ding-Dong DELIVERY (pt. 2)

My Nature's Path "prize" came in yesterday. And it was ALL new products!

-3 Boxes of Leapin Lemurs Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cereal
-2 Boxes of Sunflower Granola
-2 Boxes of Vanilla Almond Granola
-2 Boxes of Crispy Rice Fruity Burst bars
-2 Boxes of Crispy Rice PB&Chocolate Bars
-Nature's Path Grocery Bag (not pictured)

All sent with this letter: (sorry my finger is in the way!)

This arrived at the PERFECT time because my mom and I decided to help out at the Happy Baskets last night. They were SO thankful that I brought these, even though they looked a little puzzled as to what it was exactly =P

HOWEVER. All in all, we put together 250 baskets last night, and it was exhausting! But it was so heartwarming seeing everyone volunteering their time, and even singing Christmas songs together.

Tomorrow my mom and I are waking up early to wrap toys. There was an ENTIRE room filled with toys, which was still being added to. It's going to be madness! I also have to work 3:30 to close tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me that's probably why!

<3 Enjoy the snow if it's hitting you!


  1. sooo I am thinking that its a must that i go out to the store tomorrow and get the Chocolate and PB cereal it would be great with some puffins and soymilk mmmmm ok sorry im rambling... have a great day tomorrow wrapping gifts i still have to get around to doing that!! happy friday night :)

  2. WHOOOOAAA, SOOO COOOL! That is such an awesome package!

  3. whoa - 250?!! thats a buttload of baskets!
    i admire your kindness and generosity so much!!

  4. woo prize! Your charity is seriously so inspiring...In response to your odwalla question- I LOVE them, i'll do a review soon- i don't see them on blogs much, but even 1/2 of one is really filling and natural, I bought a lot in college with my discresh $$ and they saved me!! :D

  5. YAY for Nature's Path and your charity!!

    Try not to go crazy today!

  6. dang, that is one nice stash for a prize!! can't wait ot hear your reviews!!!

  7. Yay for Nature's Path and making all of those baskets! You're awesome, Laura! I work 3 to close, too!
    Have a great Saturday, doll!

  8. Way to go Laura! How great of you an your mother :)