Monday, December 15, 2008

I think...

I am the only person who gets stressed out by blogs!!
I love them to DEATH, but when I come on and I have so many blogs to read and comment I get so stressed. And then when I get awards for something I get embarressed/stressed. But I appreciate it so so much!! A SPECIAL thanks to Aussirish for awarding me the blog award!!! I will be awarding it to 8 more fellow bloggers VERY shortly.

But first and foremost. ANOTHER special thanks to Caroline for announcing me as one of the winners of the Nature's Path Give-a-way! I really hope I am able to receive that package before this Saturday so I can donate it to the local Happy Basket foundation! I'm sure they will be extremely surprised to see organic food donated! Actually...while we're on that topic, this past semester I took part in something called Husky Nutrition (UConn's mascot are the huskies!) where we went into downtown Hartford and volunteered at a place called The Catholic Worker House. This is a place where kids that live in less fortunate households can go on the weekend to stay warm and eat a good meal. As a member of this program, we prepared certain "lessons" to teach the kids about healthy eating. One week I remember teaching them how to make homemade apple cider! That was quite an experience! But it teaches them that healthy food doesn't have to taste terrible! And a few of those kiddos said they liked this 100% apple cider better than that fruit punch they have been drinking!

With that being said, I love being able to share the great taste of healthy foods with people that wouldn't ordinarily want to try it, let alone afford it! So thank you Caroline. I might have been a winner of that contest, but you're truley the generous one. You're making this happen!!


Thank you to EVERYONE who sent me good wishes at my doctors appointment today. Everything went VERY well, which was suprising to me because of my sickness this past weekend! I'm stable, and still have a lot of weight to gain, but knowing that I am able to care for myself even when I'm sick is SUCH a relief. And I left that appointment willing to stay on track, which is not ordinarily the case. ED likes to think that because I have two more weeks until my next appointment, that we can slack for one week. WELL THAT'S NO LONGER THE CASE!!! Thanks for being a great support ladies. I wish I could sit here and type each of you a long thank you letter....but that would be TOO much stress for me to handle!

(and I appologize if the names aren't you REAL names...I'm terrible with that!)

1. Ames- for putting a smile on my face regardless of the situation, and being such a sweetheart. For taking the time to write such thoughtful comments, finding me on facebook, and laughing through the hard times...even though we have never met. Thank you!
2. Aussirish- for giving me an award! <3 For staying positive, being compassionate, and reminding me that recovery is for myself.
3. K-for introducing me to TJ's (=] ) and rarely missing one of my posts. For giving me the much needed pushes to recover, and some of the BEST ideas for tasty snacks =]
4. Sharon- for making BY FAR the best (and most repetitive) sandwiches, and being such a great support.
5. Jenny -for her LOVE LISTS!! and seemingly endless kindness. For making me realize that "it's okay" and knowing that every life has it's "twists and turns".
6. Jen- for those very long posts that seem to put me in the greatest mood ever! For the support I need, and the kick-in-the-ass that ED needs.
7. Jenny- for becoming such a fast blog friend! For taking the time to comment on my posts even when I probably wouldn't have. And for her honesty.
8. Megan -for being BRUTALLY honest in the good times, and the bad. For being able to look into herself and try to understand her body to the fullest. For finding me on facebook, being a doll, and always making me feel comfortable to say how I feel...regardless.
(I'm doing more than 8)
9. Michelle -for teaching me that balance and smart food choices lead to a happy, healthy life.
10. KmKiely -for showing me that variety is fun! For being selfless and smart. Good luck on your exams girl!
11. Elise- for FLOORING me with her confidence and strength.
12. Lee- for EVERYTHING! For showing me that I am stronger than ED. For teaching me to be all that I truley am, and allowing me to see that. For her beyond inspirational morning posts that keep me going through the day.
13. Veggiegirl- for making some of the best looking vegan food out there! For being so quick to comment on anything, and always making me smile. For being so sweet and kind, and never negative.

I am SO SO SO sorry if I forgot you. Even if you have commented on my blog ONCE, you have in some way changed my life. I feel terrible knowing that I probably forgot people. Please don't take it personally. You are all absolutely amazing. You astound me with your beauty and your confidence. I never have 'met' such a kind, loving, and helpful group of people in my life...and I will forever be greatful. For those out there suffering from eating disorders- you ARE stronger than your disorder. You CAN and WILL beat it...and I will be here for you every step of the way. If recovery means two steps forward and one step back...then so be it. The WORLD needs all of you...all of us. WE will make a difference in the world, in the lives of others, and with ourselves. But we need to be strong, healthy, WELL-FED, in order to do it. So start now. Tell ED to PISS OFF! Your future lies ahead of you....and your eating disorder is not a part of it.



  1. Thank you so much for the award Laura! You are awesome! I'm so glad your doctor's appointment went well today!

    I get stressed out with blogs too! I wish I had all night to sit and read everyone's and comment. It takes time, but it's great having a blog family, don't you think?!

  2. ohhhh so I write long blog posts do I? hahahaha!!! :D :D :D thanks hun for the award, you are a doll!

    Im so glad the doctor appointment went great!! :) :)

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much darling! It means the world to me! :) :) :)

    glad to doc went well!

    i stress about blogs too sometimes, as if it's my "job" or homework, lol. if only....

  4. LAURA love!!!!! Thank you SO very much for the award and the kind things you wrote about me :) It brought tears to my eyes. You are the DOLL!

    Oh my gosh- I stress about blogs a lot too. Especially this past weekend! I could barely post much less read and comment. I felt terrible and feel like I missed so much of your loves from just like a day and a half of being consumed with work!!! But you know I love it even with the stress :) It's helps so much. And, the award you gave me made me feel so great, truly!

    I am glad the doctor went well. I am going to see a specialist tomorrow for the first time. I am quite nervous. But, I know God will see me through and it's just one MORE step closer to recovery. Thank goodness for that!

    Have a wonderful night, my girl!

  5. Oh wow, congratulations on the awesome gift package. That is so kind of you that you want to donate it! What a generous heart you have! I love people like you!

    And oh wow, thanks so much hun for the award! You are too sweet!

  6. Thank you sweet girl, you are so deserving! You encompassed what I wanted to prove with this whole thing. Keep it up girl :)
    Don't be ashamed to make your beauty known, inside and out. All in time, we are here waiting for it to shine!

  7. Aw - little lovebug you're too sweet! I'm glad I could introduce you to some new good eats ;)

    Congrats on both of your wins as well. I think it's very admirable that you're donating your gift from Caroline to that organization!

  8. don't feel stressed about reading/commenting on blogs! It should be enjoyable. Something my therapist taught me to do, that I do all the time when I start to feel overwhelmed (not with ed, but with things in general - this counts as one) - when you start to feel the racing panicky anxiety (the stress!) put your hand on your heart and say "It's ok, it's ok", and listen to your heart beat - it really pulls you into the present moment, and it helps me a lot! :)

  9. girllllllll: the blue diamond vanilla bean almonds are GOOD! really good. use that couponnnn lady love ;)

  10. aw girl you're so sweet! Thank you so much for the award.. it means more than you know!

    p.s. SO glad to hear the trip to the doctor was a positive experience... ("trip to the doctor" & "positive experience" in the same sentence? what the hell..) and congrats on your win! your so sweet for sharing your delicious goodies

    xoxo <3

  11. this post is so wonderful laura! to hear how genuine and selfless you are is enlightening! we can all learn so much from you. i can also relate to blogs being stressful, they can be addictive too! try to keep focused and enjoy being your awesome self! love you sweetie :)

    p.s i am so glad your trip to the doctor went well!!!

  12. i get stressed toooo hahahaha! the majority of my blog friends are on a different time zone schedule than i am, so responding is hard because i'm usually at work! don't sweat the small stuff - the blog should be nothing but fun!

    keep up the motivation, it's inspiring :)

  13. heya girlie
    aww thanks for returning the award :)!! ur comments on my blog always make me smile. im so glad to have come across your blog when i started mine!
    i know what u mean about feeling stressed about the blog thing...but mayb jus reply and comment to a few people each day depending on how ur feeling, this bloig shudnt be a chore u feel u have to do, you shud jus enjoy it and blog to your liking :)
    im glad to hear the doc went well. its so rewarding in reocvery to come back from the docs happy rather an worried or uspet right?
    aw yay for winning that comp thing, thats awesome!!
    hope ur days going well babes, keep up the fantastic attitude xxxxxx

  14. aw i jus saw ur last comment u left me now :) ur such a cutie, love ya girl!

  15. laura!!
    Thank you so much for the award! I have not been commenting or blogging too much but I just had to say thanks for that, it made my day :). I'll be back pretty soon though, I miss blogging! I hope all of you exams went really well, and enjoy your time at home!

  16. That was such an inspiring post... I think this is my first time actually commenting on your blog but it's really helped me a lot.

    Seeing "Does He Love You?" on your blog made me so happy!

  17. Congrats on your award and for sticking with it in trying to stamp out your ED. I went to UConn too!!