Friday, December 12, 2008

Isn't it ironic?

I'm sick (stomach sick) on the day we were supposed to go to Whole Foods. But since this was our only chance, I went anyways. That also means no free samples, and things just weren't appealing to me! Luckily, I had a list of things I knew I I picked them up.

I'm not in much of a typing I'll just post the pictures and wish everyone a great evening/night!

(Rudi's Bagels-I finally found them! If my stomach is feeling better tomorrow, I know what I'm having for breakfast)

I promised my doctors I would try a challenge food. Mac&cheese used to be my absolute favorite. So I bought it. I also ate the soup all the way on the right (alphabet soup) and one that isn't pictures- Amy's "No Chicken Noodle Soup". Other than that I've only have a coffee and an apple today =[

My mom got me addicted to this. It took me two years to finally 'allow' myself to have it. But now that I have, things aren't going to change!

Wallaby Maple Yogurt, Chick'n strips, vegetable hommus, and more veggie meat (staple!)

Other than all of this, I'm having my mom pick up salsa, whipped cottage cheese, and chobani tonight which she's doing her normal grocery shopping. OH! I almost forgot. I told ed to STFU and bought this for when I tummy isn't hurting:

Vegan Gingersnap cookie!

And one last picture before I go take a nap. Look what I found at Harry and David's->

The picture was taken on my cell, hence the fuzziness. However this is almond AND peanut butter. In ONE! I had just spent all of my money on chocolate maple coffee, and a christmas present for my mom, so I couldn't buy this. But it's not seasonal, it's a regular I'll be going back to give it a try!


  1. Great food finds!! I spy larabars :) Woot. Sorry about your stomach, I hope you feel better realllly soon so you can enjoy that *shut the f up* worth gingersnap cookie!!! YAY!

    almond & peanut butter combined sounds really good, yet interesting...hmm we'll have to see, won't we?!

    have a good evening laura <3

  2. Glad to hear you got your booty over to WFs! Sorry you're not feeling so well though :( Looks like you bought a lot of really good things!

    I hope you enjoy every bit of the cookie - you DESERVE to!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well, I hope it passes soon! I know how scary new foods can be, I bought that EXACT mac n cheese, and it sat in my pantry for weeks...well I finally tried it, and guess what?! It was awesome, filling, and totally worth it!

    Almond AND peanuts, in one jar!?! Yummmm

    Have a great night!

  4. whoops my comment didnt get posted.. lets try it again:

    thanks for the add darlin-- i added you as well! mac N cheese yummy!! please do not have fear!! have faith in yourself! you can do it & you will!! you are a STRONG girl!!! please read the post i wrote earlier (it's titled "state of emergency") i think it might help you with your mac n cheese apprensiveness!! :)

  5. i hope you feel better soon! and i hope that you enjoyed that gorgeous ginger cookie because you deserve every bite! :)

    again, love your groceries! we have very similar tastes in foods! i love harry & david's products. this pb/almond butter combination sounds so wonderful! i can't wait to here your reviews :)

  6. Great groceries! I'm really sorry to hear about your stomach though. But I would have definitely done what you did and went to WF regardless! I'm totally jealous of your great finds!

    Hope you feel better, and almond + peanut butter? That sounds like yum!

  7. Hey laura! My names Jenn...I just created my blog today and i came across yours and it really interested me! I'm also recovering from an eating disorder and I'm a freshman in college. You seem well on your way and have a great attitude about life and food!! I love whole foods and trader joes and i'm so jealous of all the groceries you got! my closest trader joes is about a half hour away =(.

    p.s. i see you go to UCONN.. my boyfriend and about 14392483028403 people from my high school go there.. maybe you know some of them!? i'm from new milford so idk if you've met any people from there!