Sunday, December 21, 2008

It won't stop!

This hunger of mine. And I want to be okay with it but I've already had breakfast, went to the gym, had a SECOND coffee, and had lunch (a MUCH bigger one than normal, including peanut butter AND a piece of chocolate) and my stomach is still rumbling. This never happens. Not like THIS. I am stressing.


On a lighter note...this is what I do at the gym when I don't want to go to work! All bundled up.

ADDED (Again...sorry!)___________

So I decided to have a half of a pb sandwich. I figured if I am hungry, then my body needs it, and I was CRAVING more peanut butter. My stomach is still a little rumbly, but I feel a little bit better. I'm happy that I had that extra (2) snacks. ED definitely isn't. He totaled up my calories for the day so far and was NOT happy especially since I'm having a birthday dinner/cake for my dad tonight. What's one day though right?


  1. Stay calm! Maybe you hit the gym hard, so your body needs more fuel!

  2. hang in there've been workin' out, it could be hormones, your metabolism's boostin', and once you start nourishing your body- it sometimes *needs more food* to sustain itself :D I dont know if you've read the book- Life without ED by Jenni Schafer- it's awesome and she's awesome, and sometimes opening up a book like that when this stuff is getting to you really helps...just to know that it's NORMAL and it happens, and it WIll stop!! :D xo

  3. don't stress love!! you've been super busy lately with all your volunteering/working/exercise. You're body just needs to replenish and get back those extra cals its been burnin'. Don't let ED make you feel guilty!!! You're tummy's on YOUR team so he wouldn't be grumblin' and asking for food unless he thought it was best for you =).

  4. just breath and follow your body not that bad voice. you need the fuel so have it! and enjoy that cake!