Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Saturday!

&&&& my stomach is feeling great! How weird...just a 24 hour stomach bug. That's FINE by me though!

I woke up and wasn't hungry though. I ended up having coffee and an apple....and then really wanted a sandwich. So...I had it!

I ended up buying bread at TJ's that is higher cal than I usually buy. Normally I only eat bread that is 70 cals a slice, but this is 90. I am SO happy that I bought it though, because it tasted amazing, and it took a lot longer to eat...which is worth those extra 40 cals (big deal!).

I also had a little salad that I made at whole foods yesterday. It has grilled veggies and an edamame salad on it. Delish!

And I was still in the munching mood, even though I wasn't hungry. So I had some carrots with this!!->

How cute is that?! It's an applesauce-sized container of salsa. =]
And if salsa didn't bother my stomach, I don't think anything will!

Oh, and this is the coffee I had this morning, and the mug I had it is! (which is the reason for those annoying comments...sorry Jenny!)

I'm in a really good mood this morning, and I will be taking full advantage of it! It's finally sunny out, which I think is the first time in about a week! Later today my Dad and I are going to a country store to pick up different flavored tea's because him and I are determined to get me to like tea! We'll see... =P

And then after that I am going to a Christmas party for the Fire Station. There's this kid there that kind of likes me, but he's a huge jerk....and he doesn't know I'm going. Ehhh. He's made some comments to my sister about my size. In a way, I'm excited to act confident around him, and show him that I am SO much different than my size!

I don't like melted peanut butter. It freaks me out, and I just discovered that. I like the consistency of thick, rich, UNmelted peanut butter! Is anyone else like this?

I'm really happy that I am starting to form my own opinions about food...not ED opinions. I used to tell people that I didn't like certain foods because ED told me that I shouldn't. I also kind of....uhm....exaggerated how lactose intolerant I was. My body can't take TOO much dairy, but I used to tell people that I couldn't have any dairy. Well, I'm definitely incorporating more into my diet, and just to protect my 'lie'...I just take lactaid pills with it. Please don't get me wrong, I DO have trouble digesting dairy, but not NEARLY as much trouble as my sister, my mom, and my aunt. It was believeable, and I am definitely embarressed and ashamed for lieing like that. But I'm moving on, and eating what I should I feel good!

I have two snacks laid out for later. One is that gingerbread cookie! And the second one is that mocha yogurt that I got at TJ's. Well, I love putting my yogurt into the freezer, and how good does mocha frozen yogurt sound?! Can't wait!

Have a SUPER SATURDAY everyone!

"If one is a Greyhound, why try to look like a Pekingese?"
Edith Sitwell


  1. Hey there :) I've been reading your blog since you started, and I'm in recovering myself - you've helped me so much, along with all the other recovery bloggers. I felt I should start my own recovery blog, to help ME. Take a look :)

  2. I meant to say I'm in recovery, not in recovering, haha, I'm clearly out of it today!

  3. great choice choosing the higher calorie bread! bread is the main component in a sandwich so is must be the best, right? :)

    i love the chocolate maple coffee! i always sample it in the store (at the mall of america) while i also wander the store, they have so many great treats! i'm actually headed there later today!

    i hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy your delicious ginger cookie! :)

  4. Yeah, I usually go for higher caloric bread too, because I love bread. Great choice. Because your sandwich looks delicious too!

    And I am always in a munching mood! :)

  5. haha thanks for the response! I'll do that, I need to slowly start adding blogs to my vacant website! haha

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Love the ending of your post :) You are amazing girlie!

    CARROTS AND SALSA!! That is the cutest salsa container!

  7. laura- okay your sandwich inspired me- let me tell you why- yesterday i posted about the nature's own double fiber bread i tried. it has 100 calories a slice so i only ate one slice of it and had a 40 calorie slice of bread with it. ed told me there is no way you need 200 calories worth of BREAD with lunch. i listened to him. but you (!!!) have encouraged me to eat a sandwich today with two slices of that bread, not one! the bread was SO good and I enjoyed the one slice yesterday...i know i will enjoy 2 slices even more and probably be A LOT more satisfied, ya know?
    ah sorry for that novel...haha :)
    yay for frozen mocha yogurt.
    have a wonderful saturday, lovey!

  8. LOVE the mug!!! :)

    Good for you on getting the bread you WANTED, and yay for it being tasty!

    haha I like peanut butter both ways I think, but I definitely don't like it TOO melty, because then I can't taste it or enjoy it, so I know what you mean.

    Have a great Saturday and have FUN at the party, you are doing awesome!! :)

  9. I just found your blog and I think it is so cute! Your eats look delish and I love the idea of putting yogurt in the freezer...mmm!

  10. heya girlie
    well done on the bread :) thats great..i love bread and mine is like 100 cals...i slowly made my way up from pathetic 40 cal a slice pieces haha.
    im glad 2 hear ur feeling better!!
    mocha frozen yogurt?....yumm!!
    i love the mug its so cute,
    have fun 2nite and dont let that guy get to u hun!

  11. You are soooooo silly not to like melted PB, I LOVE it that way!!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go on the bread!!! I havent made it to that step yet, but those hearty slices look sooo yummy!
    Glad you are feeling better :)