Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Laura: Learning to Listen

Today I did something I have been trying to do for so long. I listened to my body! And I mean...REALLY listened. And I feel AMAZING.

This afternoon I got back from my class and I made myself a little bowl of cottage cheese, kashi go lean crunch, and a little bit of cinnamon (it was so good yesterday, I just needed to again!)
I ate it nice and slow, trying to "sava the flava"! (I'm such a loser!)
HOWEVER after I finished I realized that I was still hungry! ED was telling me that I had enough- I mean, this was my snack yesterday and how could I POSSIBLY eat more than yesterday right? WRONG. I poured myself another little bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and gobbled it up! AND THEN I realized that I only had a little more cereal left, so of course I had to finish it! and I did. =] Isn't it funny how we always manage to eat more when it comes to the end of a box of cereal, or jar of PB?

After my snack I had to run to see my dietitian, call my therapist, go to nutrition class, get dinner (not a good selection day), and then I went to the gym. Following my posts title today- I listened to my body. I had a harder cardio than I normally do, and then did some strength training on the mats. But I tried to pay attention to what my body was telling me, and when I found myself getting tired--I stopped. I didn't overdo it at all, I did JUST enough.

I came back from the gym famished, and knew I needed to eat something before I volunteered at the homeless shelter until 10:30, so I snacked on an apple and decided to try my chocolate peanut butter fiberfull bar!

Ahh, it was fantastic! I feel like I never give negative reviews here! It was very peanut-buttery, and very sweet...but that's exactly what I needed. I do have one complaint though. On the way to the shelter I felt my stomach rumbling, and realized that I was STILL hungry. As tasty as it was, it didn't hold me over for any more than 30 minutes. FiberFull bar? Should be a Fiber-NotSo-Full Bar. =]

I have a question for you guys though. Would you prefer I respond to your comments on my page, or on your page? I just feel like if I reply on here some of you never read what I wrote!

Have a great night you guys! And remember to Listen to your Bodies! Rest when you're tired, eat when you're hungry, and give your body all the love that it deserves.


  1. Hey love!
    Okay- I want to try these FiberFull bars! I heart Fiber One Chocolate % Oats bars. So this PB one must be good, too. Even though it was not filling. Boo!
    I am SOOOOOO proud of you for listening to your body!!!!! I am working on it too...and it is so amazing. I feel SO much better after I eat when my body is asking for food. It is not fun to starve and ignore my body requests for food. Why did we do that?
    And, okay- GOOD question. I often wonder the same. how about you answer any of my questions for you on my blog under my latest post and i will answer your questions under your latest post. Makes sense? Deal?!
    Have a great night, darling!

  2. Hey Laura! Glad you totally listened to your bod today...I really need to work out that, and get rid of the rules my ed sometimes sets for me. I admire your ability to zone out the ED today and really pay attention to your body. Great job!!
    As for your question, I'd find the answer quickest if you post a comment on my most recent post. Same as megan! Thanks girl <33

  3. Fiberfull bar? I have never heard of them myself.

    But oh goodness, it looks good!

  4. I am SO proud of you Laura for listening to your body and what it wants vs. what Ed tells you! I am working on that too, its harder than I thought but seeing you do this makes it seem that much more possible!!!

    As for the replying I agree with Amy and Megan, just reply perhaps to my questions on my blog recent posts, and I'll do that same? I was trying to figure out what was best too! haha! :)

    Have another WONDERFUL positive day sweetie!!!

  5. Cottage cheese!!!

    Good for you for going back and listening to your body :)

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Laura, this is suchhhhh good doings!! I am so proud my darling!! i just had a pBcookie larabar and i am still hungry so i just munched on some ab&banana. wow-such good timing. this is so true-i had a big bowl of cereal for dinna last night and was hungry around 7 and again at 11 (i stayed up late talking to the bf and doing hw) so i had 2 snacks before bed-that i usually not like me but i did it and feel great about it. YAYY!!!

  7. Hey Laur---
    Thanks for the kind comment today :) I'm sorry to bring back bad memories for ya, but hopefully (like you said) you could compare them to better times & realize your progress.

    to answer your question, after my dad picked me up, we drove home, unsure of what was going to happen to me really...thankfully, the next day my family doctor helped us call Princeton Eating Disorders Unit at the University Medical Center in princeton, nj, and thankfully they had a bed for me. i was admitted two days after being sent home from school.
    thanks again <33