Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Victories

I finally did it! I combined two foods to make ONE snack. This is unheard of in my world, because when I combine things, I feel like I am overeating. But I was walking back from my english class, thinking about how I was going to go to the gym at 2 and how I would LOVE to have energy to go. So I decided then and there to make myself a healthy, filling, good-for-the-gym snack. Cottage cheese, a handful of kashi go-lean crunch (courtesy of the dining hall), and a little bit of cinnamon. OH MY GOSH! I'm not hungry anymore! I never EVER say that after a snack but I am so comfortable right now. I started eating it without the cinnamon but then said "what the hell!" and threw it in there. Thankfully I did! Because it was just another level of fabulous =] Here it is:

In my new Target bowl of course =]

Oh and also, guess what it was warm enough for this morning? That's right...ICED coffee!

Lunch was the usual sandwich with salad. I also had two apples, one with lunch and one right before class. I made them into flowers!

I got to my first class this morning and was told to just sign in and leave. So I had a little extra time on my hands this morning. I could have done work, but I was in the mood to fool around with my camera. This is the outcome:

So much for doing those essays!!!

Today was the second day of "No Soda". I almost caved last night, running down to the soda machine to get my diet coke fix but it was sold out. I'm actually really happy that was the case. I don't know why I crave it at night so much! However, I am drinking a bottle of plain water for the first time in months. (I usually go for the flavored kind). I actually felt like just plain water, which never happens to me. I don't know if it's just my mind playing tricks on me, or if I am really changing my taste because of less soda.

I was just wondering what everyone else drinks? I know a lot of people drink tea (ick!), coffee, and milk. But is there anything else that isn't full of chemicals that's satisfying?


  1. Your snack sounds SO yummy!! What a great idea! Scrumptious and beautifully nourishing and healthful too! I can't wait to try it! (and I think I'm going to be able to bake your cookies tomorrow, yay, if homework allows... :-)

    Hmmmm, I too struggle to get myself to drink enough water... :-p It sounds like you're not a tea fan, but maybe I could convert you to homemade, decaf, fruit iced tea? :-) I love decaf, unsweetened blueberry iced tea - I just fill a gallon pitcher with water and 4 to 6 Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry herbal tea bags (depending on how strong a blueberry flavor you fancy), and set it on the counter overnight, then the next morning I fish out the teabags and pop it in the fridge to chill! It doesn't taste like tea at all - it's slightly sweet, and fruity, and tastes like, well, blueberries, without any sugar or artificial sweeteners! :-) (OK, I'll stop now - I'm starting to sound like an advertisement... :-)

  2. Hey Girl!
    I'm glad you had a snack combo to get you through a good workout at the gym. Thats awesome! I struggle with having "multiple items" to make a snack, as well. Good for you though :)
    Love the pic of yourself, so cute!
    Oh, and about water....ahh I hate drinking water but I obviously make myself. I don't like soda/diet soda, so its not an issue for me. I do like iced tea, but rarely drink it. I only really drink water, black coffee, soy milk, and skim milk. Occasionally wine of course ;)
    <3 amy

  3. COTTAGE CHEESE! I love CC :)

    I usually drink coffee and water with crystal light - horrible for me I know but oh well!

  4. Astra- let me know how those cookies come out! I can almost guarantee you'll fall in love with them. As for the tea, I like iced tea but have never been able to stand it unsweetened! Maybe I'll give your 'recipe' a shot when I get home. Right now, I just bought peppermint tea and it's sitting next to me and I'm not really sure what to do with it. I want to like tea so badly!

    Amy- Up until now I have always thought of cottage cheese as a snack, and then cereal as another snack. But I finally let myself combine them (granted, there was only a little bit of both in that bowl). It honestly held me over wonderfully, and gave me enough energy for a 30 minute cardio, and a 15 minute weights. Give it a shot one day, you won't be disappointed! =]

    K- I used to drink a lot of Crystal Light, to the point that is would start tasting really weird! So I don't really drink it anymore. Occasionally I get a fountain drink at school and have minute made light lemonade though. It's addicting!

  5. Wow, great eats!

    And that is funny how things turn out. Soda isn't too bad, I guess. But I don't really drink it often. I'm more of a tea drinker! I don't drink milk - it has been years since I have had a glass. But I do eat ice cream if that counts! Hahah!

  6. Sharon- I wish I didn't have to drink milk! I'm not too fond of it (other than chocolate and coffee milk of course!) But my mom has osteoporosis and I have osteopenia so I need to do everything that I can! And soda apparently has an acid in it that takes calcium away from your bones, so I really shouldn't be drinking it anyways! Otherwise, I love it.

  7. Definitely a winner snack!! I'm convinced that each meal/snack MUST have at least two components of food groups-protein,fat,carb,fruit...the best to me for snack is a combo of carbs and protein or fat (like what you had!!) You should try something like graham crackers with peanut butter sometime, definitely delicious and nutritious!

    I really like the Lipton diet Green Tea with Citrus, it doesn't taste like tea, and it's nice and sweet for those times when you just can't gulp down anymore water.

    Have a great day! :)

  8. yay i love veggie slices. well thats a lie, i really liked the turkey ones, and then they were sold out of those so i tried the ham ones, and they are not nearly as "real" tasting. so they've been sitting in my fridge for about a month haha. as for liquids i just bought rice milk, haven't tried it yet but i'll let you know how that goes. also soy lattes are amazing! and can be great as part of a snack or meal for added calcium/ calories. umm and hot chocolate at night can be good if you have a soda craving.. something sweet. good luck with the essays, im procrastinating sooo badly right now hah.

  9. oops i clicked the wrong thing, so you can't see my blog. but here it is in case you didn't know it was me..

  10. Jennigirl- peanut butter and graham crackers used to be my favorite snack in the hospital! I forgot all about it...I think graham crackers are going on my shopping list. Lipton diet green tea is so so good! But really sweet.

    Katie- The turkey veggie slices are SO good, but I don't mind that the other ones don't taste that similar to meat. I'm just looking for something tasty in general =]

  11. I am a water frreak down. I had about 5 bottles today-and that makes me a freak because months ago i neevr touched the plain stuff!

    I try not to drink anything but water and coffee and tea!! occasional beer aint kill me either!!!!!

    congratsss congrats congrats on the snacky snack my darling-that is such great news. i love your drawer full of bars-serious food porn. keep it up with the snacking mix ups-they are sooo much fun!! and are u eating oats for bfast ? :-)

  12. Lee- 5 bottles of plain water?! Oh my! I wish I could do that. It just doesn't appeal to me unless I am exercising!

    I'm such a terrible person....but I haven't been eating bfast =[ Occasionally I'll have a kashi bar on the way to class, but otherwise I wake up at 8:30 and stop by the cafe for a cup of joe along the way to my first class. It's a terrible habit.