Saturday, December 6, 2008



And I think I made my roommate CRY from laughing so hard when she saw me taking a picture of my grape.
It was a much needed laugh for both of us. I love that we can laugh at each other!

Today is ALREADY a much better day than yesterday, and I want to thank everyone for those sweet comments yesterday. They really cheered me up!

This morning I rolled out of bed and went to get coffee. They have this Winter Spice flavor, which is absolutely incredible! It's a bunch of spices, and maple. I savored every hot sip I took!

I also brought my roomy back a coffee...she was still sleeping when I left and I figured that since I probably woke her up, the least I could do was get her a coffee =]

We ate around 10:30, and I made a sandwich...and for the first time in years, I put hummus AND my veggie meat on it. Not just one or the other, but both. And OH MAN was it tasty! Especially since I toasted the bread and it was roasted red pepper hummus (and a little spinach leaves on it too!).

I'm going to the gym again later...but only once today. I have come to realize that sometimes I get endorphins confused with ED. You know that great feeling you get after exercising? Well I realized that I need to pay attention to exactly what is causing that feeling. Am I really happy because I had a good, healthy workout? Or am I happy because of that calorie burned number? This is something I need to work on!

Talking about working on I am trying to eat less veggies. I know that sounds crazy but I OVER eat veggies and all the fiber really takes a toll on my body. So for lunch I only had a couple of spinach leaves on my sandwich, and that was it. I'll probably have some cooked veggies for dinner, but otherwise it's more dense foods for Laura today! Yesterday I had two salads at lunch, one for a snack, and another two at dinner! No wonder I was Queen of bloated yesterday! Ick!

Enjoy this gorgeous Saturday folks!


  1. Hey! I just found your blog:D That's really interesting about endorphins v. ED- it's so important to appreciate exercise for it's mental and emotional benefits, not just physical or vanity benefits...good luck with less veggies :D I HATE that bloaty, too much veggie feeling.

  2. Great mentality, it is DEFINITELY important to realize where those happy feelings are coming from. You should always feel energized and healthy after a GOOD workout, you never want to destroy yourself in the gym. Yay for BOTH proteins on the sandwich, soo good!

    That's good that you are realizing the effect veggies can have on your body, but just make sure you aren't cutting it out and not adding anything is fuel and you need it to make it through the day. You're doing great girl, have an awesome Saturday!

  3. Love the big ass grape! Yum i bet it was nice and juicy ;)

    I'm glad today is starting out better for you. How nice of you to get coffee for your roommate! Lucky girl. I totally know what you mean about the endorphins being confused with ed feelings. I need to work on that too. I think you're getting better with it already, just by recognizing the contrast! Thats huge :)

    I feel ya on the veggie aftermath. EEH! I usually only have 2 vegetables a day, both at dinner. But even fruit-fiber bothers my stomach :( Replacing the bulking veges with more easily-digestible food is good!

    Have a great day ! Thanks for all your kind words Laura.

  4. I heart grapes. I sneak them from the fridge at work like all day...they're toppings for the yogurt, haha.
    I am so happy you are having a better day :) And, I know what you mean about confusing Ed with endorphins. I need to work on that bad. I do an hour of cardio at the gym- not necessary especially since I am trying to gain, not lose. Know what I mean? I have been telling myself I will do either the elliptical or the treadmill- not both. But, I can't come to separate the 2. I need to work on that.
    I am the opposite with the veggies- I need to work on adding more, haha!
    Have a wonderful day my love

  5. The grape pic is too cute!! haha
    Way to go on adding BOTH to your sammy! :) thats progress hun!
    Im the same with veges, working on it!
    Have a GREAT evening hun!!

  6. heya :)
    thanks for the lovely comment!! and ur so pretty too btw!
    haha love the grape pic...its funny the things that can make u laugh.
    way to go with the sandhwich and veggies, thats awesome progress. i always say small changes add up to definetly make an impact in beating the ed.
    and i think excersising to feel good and strong an healthy is good rather than jus doing it to burn cals. like i go for walks everymorning cause i love how refreshing it is and never focus on what im burning etc.
    anyways ur doing awesome so keep it up hun!!

  7. hey laura!
    thanks for the comment, and yes i do go to uvm. We get out at the end of nextttt week (so like a little under 2 weeks left). But i'm still pretty excited about it. and yeah taking the actual pictures is like my favorite part of blogging. i spend a lot of time trying to get crisp pictures because it really captures the texture and almost the taste of the food, you know? glad your feeling better today! I've been getting into yoga a lot more lately and it is so amazing for me! its not 'hard core' exercise but you still get great benefits, especially mentally. i really recommend trying it if you want to try and cut down on gym time. keep up the good work!


    Your positivity is captivating, my friend - keep it up!!