Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Can Only Mean One Thing...

Doctor's appointment. I swear, my anxiety is through the roof on these days. All morning I just sit at home and wait for the time to come that I can leave. I know that I could get out, but I just don't know what I would do. Luckily, my appointment is 2 hours earlier today, so I will be leaving in a little over an hour.

HOWEVER, I want to thank every single person who commented on my post yesterday. I wish that I could thank every one of you individually, but I just don't have the time. But please know that I read every single comment thoroughly, and feel so blessed that I have you girls to encourage me in everything I write about. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Remember that little Panera love triangle that was going on? Well, do you believe that both Saturday AND yesterday I walked into work and the two of them were talking to each other!? AH, so awkward for me. But neither of them really knows what's going on. The guy that likes me doesn't know that I like this other guy. And this other guy doesn't know that I like him or that the other guy likes me. AH!! Life is just so funny sometimes =]

oh, and I also opened my last Naturally Nutty peanut butter- Chocolate Butter Toffee. Oh. My. Gosh. AMAZING! Look at it:

I could just sit down with a spoon and finish this jar. It's diiiiiiivine!

I haven't really been in the blogging mood recently, and I'm not really sure why. Once I am though, I will be posting a more substantial post...but until then I'm just going to be sticking to commenting! I seem to enjoy that more anyways =]


  1. good luck at your doctors appointment Laura...I'm sure it will be fine - just try to remain positive girl!

    haha I love this little love triangle! it's like a little movie.."Laura, Love, & Lattes" .. love it :) keep me updated!

  2. Good luck today! You'll do great at your appointment :)

    Hehe don't you love love triangles?! Good luck girl - keep us in the know!!

  3. have great appts. i have mine tomorrow bleh hate the anxiety... and dude im DEF trying CVS for some Larabars thanks for the point of direction haha

  4. Aw, I wish there were a way to remove the anxiety from the appointments. Is there any way to put a positive spin on them? Like, what would be the ideal outcome of an appointment -- what would have to happen to have you walking out afterwards feeling proud and strong? Is there a way for you to make that happen?

  5. Hey, Laura! I'm Dommi; I just started my own blog :]

    I'm a liittle out of the loop b/c I'm new so I don't know about the special case with your doctor appointments or about the Panera love triangle, but I wiiilll cast my vote for "Laura, Love, and Lattes" as a name if it is ever made into a movie :] Hehe. Seems appropriate.

    Anyyhoww, it's nice to meet you and I love your blog!