Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not much time!

I just have a few things to say.

1. There was a little bit of peanut butter left in the skippy jar and I decided to finish it. I'm not sure HOW much it turned out to be (I think more than two tablespoons) but I feel okay about it. (I think).

2. 300 children are getting 2 presents each! All the volunteers wrapped 600 gifts, AND THEN SOME. There was still hundreds of toys left over that will be handed out, or taken to orphanages, or ANYTHING. It's such an amazing feeling. =)

(A couple of the presents were donated already wrapped. But the majority weren't.)

3. My agenda for the rest of the day:

CVS (post-workout snack/pre work snack)
Panera Bread 3-11ish? Whenever we finish closing!

Sorry if you don't hear from me until tomorrow. I DO receive all of your comments before heading to bed though.


  1. i work 3 to 11:30 today too, Laura. I will be thinking of you! Enjoy your day! And, I am glad YOU are okay with the PB scraping...that made me smile :) love.

  2. Oh wow, those presents are going to make a lot of kids happy!

  3. Totally feel GOOD about the pb, there's no point in aiming for the "perfect amount" every single morning, a little more or a little less somedays is FINE! :)

    Have a great day, good luck at work!

  4. Love the last scrapes of PB from the jar! No worries, because there is no point in saving a little less just because it doesnt fit in the tablespoon. Whateva, right?!

    WHAT an amazing gesture you are giving. This is what the holidays are all about. You are an angel :)

    Have a good time at work & at the gym! Hope to hear about it when you're free.

  5. nothing to feel guilty about with that extra spoonful of pb - if it wasnt enough to getcha anywhere tomorrow you might as well enjoy it today! (plus i bet it made whatever you ate it with taste EXTRA good!)

    You are so generous for all of the volunteer work you do - people like you make the world better (sounds super corny but seriously its true!)

    that's a long shift you got there - i had no idea panera was opened till 11:30! good to know though because I would definitely make a special 11:00 trip JUST for a slice of their warm holiday bread (my fav!)

    enjoy your day you busy bee! xoxo

  6. Hooray for the PB and I thought you should know I'm eating pdizzle right now :)

  7. scrape that jar girl! PB=LOVE...

    and i ate regular creamy jiffy for the first time in months today thannks to you and it was awesome!!1 STILL loving my PB2 tho :) lol have a good night

  8. great job with the pb! healthy fats means brain food! so proud of you :)

    i think that is so fantastic that you are giving back to your community by bringing smiles to childrens faces on christmas! that must feel amazing :)

    i hope you have a wonderful sunday lovey!