Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick Quick

So...I'm typing really loud to try to wake my roomy up. Because I'm hungry and she's still sleeping!!!

I just found out that there is a Trader Joe's only 30 minutes from me! Granted, that's halfway across the state but I'm still planning on going there this Friday. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have NEVER been to one before, so I don't even know what they have!


One thing I came to realize yesterday is that people don't pay as much attention to food/weight as people with an eating disorder think they do. I know for me, personally, I've been in this mindset for so long that I have come to think that EVERYBODY thinks like I do...but that simply isn't true! If someone mentions that you're eating a lot, they say it and move on....they don't get absorbed in it, and keep thinking about it.

Or how about at the gym? I saw a girl running yesterday for over an HOUR and I couldn't stop thinking about how she was doing that, or if she had an ED too. This is SILLY! I get so caught up on these little things, when a normal person would just see her running and move along.

I'm not sure if I'm doing too well at making my point here....but it's something that is really reassuring to me. If I want to have an extra snack, my roommate isn't going to get so caught up on me doing that! She's going to see me do it, and move on.

I even tested it yesterday. And you know what? I was right! I went to go get bread from the fridge and I was so worried that she would say something to me. She did. But you know what it was? "You and my aunt are the only two people I know who keep their bread in the fridge." Ahh! It's so liberating to realize that eating is a part of isn't all of life.


I tried posting this on HealthyforMyself's site, but I think it was too long. But I have a story to share with you guys. It's from last year, and has to do with what I was talking.

Last year in English class my teacher was talking about a friend that she used to have in college who could eat and eat and NEVER gain any weight. And she was telling us how frustrating that was. Then she asked the class "You know those people who eat and eat and you HATE them because they are always so skinny?....LAURA"

The ENTIRE class laughed and I honestly started to cry a little. I was still severely underweight and was planning on gaining weight that year and I felt like now that the whole class thought that it was impossible for me to gain weight, that they would notice when I actually DID gain weight.

A few days later, after my teacher had asked me MULTIPLE times if everything was okay (I became VERY quiet in her class after that comment) I decided to email her and tell her what was wrong. She responded with an apology, saying she didn't think before she made that comment but also didn't think that it would affect me at all. She also said that the class probably completely forgot about it by now.

She was right about one thing though....the class HAD forgotten about it. ED just makes everything seem like a bigger deal than it needs to be, and we all need to be more aware of it.


I had an amazing lunch today. It consisted of salad with 3 TBS hummus, A half of a wheat bagel with 1.5 TBS of peanut butter, and a bunch of grapes. Can you say protein/fat/carb packed power lunch?!


  1. Wow, such an insightful post! You really do make a great point there too.

    And side note: I keep my bread in the fridge too! And I toast my bread when I make sandwiches. :P

  2. hey!
    no I don't think I know someone named renee... pretty big school! i totally keep my bread in the fridge also, it stays longer, but its kind of a pain when you always have to toast it or something when you want to use it, cuz cold bread is a little awkward hah. i really like this post.. very true! have a great sunday!

  3. I completely agree with you. I think way too much about what people are thinking when I eat in front of them, but they don't seem to care. I need to keep reminding myself of this!

    TJ's is awesome!! Stock up on all your favorite products! It's super cheap compared to Whole Foods!!

  4. Hey Girl, Happy Sunday! That's really exciting to hear about TJ's! I've only been to the one near me, and each one kind of has something different. I know I was impressed with their packaged baked goods like scones, muffins, and breads, plus their variety of granolas, trail mixes, and dried fruit. sometimes they don't have the most selection of brands though, unlike whole foods. its tiny & very mom and pop-ish !

    i totally know what you mean about other people not giving a second thought to what you and i might be eating. not only that, but even if they do notice, it'd be rare for them to be thinking *something negative*. people without ed's dont have that voice that criticizes every aspect of food and calories.

    totally lovin' your realization girly :)

    keep up the positive outlook. you're really inspiring laur <3

  5. heya hun
    great realization!! ive been thinking about that too recently...its like the ed makes us super sensitive to everything and everyone and makes us worry that other ppl will focus on what were doing but really no one gives a second thought to if we ate that or my mum made a comment to me recently and a few days later it was still playin on my mind and when i asked her about it she said " oh did i say that, i never think about things after ive said them" ( it was regarding food) so this made me realize im the only one focusin so much on it all.

    i hope ur having a good sunday!
    is trader joes a health store or something? im living in ireland so we have none of the cool shops u guys have in the states lol.

    i love your blog followin it :)

  6. I have those exact same thoughts all the time! It is so easy to get stuck in our ED mindset, and think that EVERYONE around us (especially at the gym) is thinking about their weight, eating, body, etc. I was so scared when I moved into the dorm that my roommate would be so weirded out by my eating patterns, but really, I don't think she even notices. It's all in our heads, everyone is really not that concerned about all my yummy snacks, but you know, they might wish they were! lol

    Delicious lunch! Good for you!! Have a nice Sunday!

  7. TJs must have: PB crunchy granola bars and the soft cereal bars in the Fig flavor. Check out my reviews of them on my blog - I LOVE both of those! I've heard their Greek yogurt is good but I haven't tried it yet.

    Great realization! You are fabulous :)

  8. oo i love pb in the fridge also!!! and my fruit! and your lunch sounds so good and filling! good for you!

  9. Your make such an excellent point... Thank you for your insight - you've really heightened my awareness of both myself and those around me.

    Trader Joe's is Awesome!! I'm SO excited that you're about to have your first Trader Joe's visit!! Hmmm, everything at TJ's so so beautiful and scrumptious and healthful... One of my favorites is their many versions of O's cereals! :-)