Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Quick!

I finally brought myself to eat a good breakfast this morning (with my parents, so no pictures sorry!)

ED was screaming at me the ENTIRE time, but I'm going out shopping with my dad this morning and I did NOT want to be cranky because I was hungry. So I toasted a slice of bread, waited for it to cool (I'm putting pb on it and god forbid it MELTS!) and tried my new Butter Toffee Peanut Butter! It's definitely on the different side, a little grainy in texture and SWEET. But I am NOT complaining. It was delicious!

I also had some grapes, and a cup of coffee with extra soymilk! I believe all my food groups were covered except veggies. But...who eats veggies for bfast?!?!

Now I'm going out with my dad, coming back for lunch, then I have a WIMPY three hour shift at PBread. PDizzle. P...Right...

We're supposed to get an INSANE snow storm later! So to everyone who's expecting this as well- stay warm, stay safe, and have fun!!



  1. yay for good breakfasts and warm melty PB and daddy daughter dates!! have fun at work girl!

    p.s. haha the comment you left on my post last night made me laugh - your so cute =)! i <3 coloring!

  2. be careful in the an hour out of Philly PA and the snow has already covered everything!!!! mmm can't wait to go down for breakfast after reading what you ate!

  3. yay for good breakfast girl! breakfast is my favorite part of the day :)
    have fun shopping with daddy and at work. i'm off today!! and i'm going shopping too! whee
    love ya, doll face

  4. I hope you have a great time shopping! Good for you for eating a healthy breakfast to fuel up. I've realized I need to do this too -- it's one thing to be at home and be a little bit hungry and not notice, but being hungry and with other people just makes me cranky. I just need to EAT something!

  5. Good for you eating that breakfast! You need some shopping stamina :)

    Have a good shift at pdizzle! Stay SAFE in the snow - it's INSANE here!

  6. o0o I'm so jealous that you work at Panera Bread! I don't really like bread, but they have soo many yummy treats and the SMELL of the place; LOVE IT!

    yummy breakfast too; shopping on an empty stomach never ends well for me lol.

  7. Great job on the breakfast!!!
    And stay warm!!

  8. good job with breakfast! stay safe/warm in this MASSIVE STORM!!!! that's nice you live in RI!! are you near providence?? i think i read something about it in one of your posts!