Sunday, December 14, 2008

So many posts! I'm sorry!

I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm feeling so down in the dumps, and everytime ANYTHING enters my mouth I feel terrible about it. On top of that, I spoke too soon yesterday when I said my stomach was feeling better, because it was bothering me for the rest of the day! And since friday, I haven't been craving anything I normally do, and the though of wheat bread and peanut butter is REPULSING to me. On top of it, my mom made butternut squash for dinner and as I was eating it all I could think about was how distgusting it is....which was not the case at all!!

All that I'm craving is white bread, yogurt, and fruit.

Any ideas as to what's going on?


  1. You probably have a touch of the flu? I know when I had the flu last winter absolutley nothing looked good to me, I didn't want anything but plain noodles with parmesean cheese. So weird.

  2. meeee too [repulsed by bread/pb] at the moment! I THINK its because this is all i ate (repetitively) all weekend, so im just grossed out by it now. all i want is water!

  3. first of all-- dont be sorry for the posts! we are all hear to support one another!!! say what's on your mind girl! scream it!!!! & dont feel bad for saying it either! just keep eating whatever appeals to you & honor what your body wants!! maybe you are just a tad under the weather but i'm sure you will feel back to the normal laura soon enough!!

  4. Don't apologize for posting!! There's no max limit girlie!

    Feel better soon :(

  5. i hope you have a little ''bug'' and you feel better soon! do you have any flu-like symptoms? i know when i have the flu, nothing sounds appetizing. and when this happens, ed slowly creeps back into your life. try drinkiing some tea and toast. yogurt is also great when you are sick. but i am sending you get-well wishes and hugs! love you sweetie.

  6. Ya- i agree that being grossed out by foods you normally eat sounds like a sickness thing...Just eat what you feel like, get tons of rest and i hope u feel better soon! I was pretty sick at this time last year, and I just made shake-type things, or ate bars to at least ensure I was getting some nutrients if nothing sounds appetizing :D

  7. heya hun,
    uve recived an award on my blog cause ur awesome :)
    hope the doc went ok. the health aspects of ed are so scary when u realise they can be permanent right? i too have osteopenia and i get the same thing as u with the super numb sore toes and hands....its HORRIBLE.
    aw im sorry ur still sick :( it defo sounds like a tummy bug if ur not liking ur usual food choices. i hope u feel better by 2moro,
    at least the cravings are for stuff like fruit and yogurt, easy digestible yummy foods.