Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stress over Storrs.

I thought I would let everyone know that I have been SO busy with exams that I can't find too much time to respond to comments/post anything! I had a psych exam yesterday, a nutrition one today, and then a DOUBLE BACKER of Stat and English tomorrow morning!!! STRESS!
However, this also means that in a little more than 24 hours my mom will be here to bring me homeeee
I can't wait! And I also want to wish everyone luck with their exams this week, if you have them. I'll be back to my regular schedule (if you want to call it regular!) tomorrow evening.

Live. Love. Laugh. EAT. andddd study =]


  1. Wishing you the best today!!!! Just focus on the positive after- going home :D

  2. Yikes! That's a double whammy!! Good luck with your exams girl!

  3. Wow, hang in there girlie! Think about how great you will be AFTER you get those over with! Good luck!!!!!

  4. PS. the bagels are Rudi's bagels, I find them at TJs or Whole Foods :) Hope you can get them because they are tasty!!

  5. good luck laura! you're almost done!!

  6. good luck love, it's almost over :)

  7. Good luck to you!

  8. heya hun
    what course are you doing in college? i hope all the studyings going well,
    good luck with the exams :) jus think of how fantastic its gonna be to not study once ur finished.
    are u going home for xmas holidays then?
    i hope ur wednsday is going well,