Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weird Mood

Do you guys ever get in moods where you don't know what's wrong?
I'm not upset.
I'm not happy.
I'm not excited.
I'm not bored.
But I am definitely unmotivated.

Maybe I am just sleepy...I don't really know!
I'm also not in the greatest blogging mood, so I apologize! I did however, make an observation earlier about my food choices. It's probably completely trivial, but I thought it was interesting. My favorite foods as of recently are all foods that are less, urh, solid. The list includes:

-Peanut butter*
-Cottage Cheese
-Regular Yogurt
-Greek Yogurt
-Butternut Squash
-Sweet Potatoes (more on the solid side, but still edible with a spoon)

I just don't know if it's the texture, or the time of year, or what. But recently I just jump at the opportunity to eat any of these foods. Does anyone know what I mean, or am I just making something out of nothing?

In honor of our BELOVED Lee I began making, what I'm calling, a Recovery Bracelet. It's blue, white, and green--kind of like the symbol for NEDA. I'm going to be wearing it, solo, on my right wrist to remind me that I am stronger than the eating disorder, and that recovery is possible. I'm really excited to get this finished.

I tend to always post snacks, and I hope no one minds! After Lunch today I snacked on this apple (x2)

Then I had psych class, and on the way back I picked up a small coffee. I tend to drink a lot of coffee, but I load it with soy milk, so it's a way to get my calcium!

(I needed to reheat it when I got back, so that's my coffee in the mug! And how silly is this coaster? Can you believe these are the only ones that our school store had? )

With it I had a fellow blogger's specialty- cottage cheese on wheat bread with cinnamon (I know it's not a sandwich thin, but what can I say!? I like my wheat bread!!)

(x2) I can't believe how well cinnamon and CC pair together! It's a flavor party for my tongue!!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Thursday. Remember to keep your chins up, and heads held high! Try to think of other things that make you feel good. I find that getting things accomplished, whether it's cleaning or homework or even getting rid of old, unneeded emails, tends to leave me feeling good about myself!


  1. Hope you feel better/know how you're feeling, and enjoy the rest of your day!! :-)

  2. Thanks for the shout out girl! If your ever in a savory mood try the same thing (CC on bread) with some hot sauce underneath the CC and some pepper on top - so spicy but so good!

    That coaster's funny :)

    I hope you start to feel better :( I get in those kind of moods too sometimes. Have a relaxing Thursday - just one more day til the weekend!

  3. I want to see a picture of your bracelet, it sounds so pretty! I have a lot of bracelets that were made in inpatient and also the necklace i posted yesterday...they all represent e.d. recovery <3
    i drink a lot of coffee/lattes too but i also think of them as calcium/protein because of the milk factor! go us :)

    i also like "not solid" foods...pb, yogurt, anything soft, really. im not a crunchy-lover! hehe. i'm with ya!

    sorry you're in a weird mood, i hope everything falls back into place. you're awesome dont forget !!

  4. your bracelet sounds great! i agree with amy, a picture would be so fun :)

    i hope you are feeling better laura. i know when im having a bad day i always try to do something that will lift my spirits. taking bubble baths, reading magazines, baking a treat, writing, journaling or drawing, watching a favorite movie, usually work the best.

    p.s i love pb, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, oatmeal, and squash too! i think its the texture and sweetness that i enjoy so much :)

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  6. all of your favorite foods that you listed would definitely be on my list as well!
    and cottage cheese and cinnamon?! I LOVE IT!
    I also know how you feel about feeling "off", maybe its just horomones?! haha.

  7. I tend to get in those moods a lot! I think it's a girl thing!

  8. Scratch the hot sauce then! Haha

  9. Hey girl!!!
    I have never had cottage cheese on wheat bread before but that looks SO good and interesting- I will be trying that as a snack soon!
    And yes I ALWAYS have those days where I don't know what mood I am in. I think it is STRESS mainly- we have so much going on we don't know what to think or do next.
    Thanks a million for your comment- it made me feel so much better. AND we are so similar, girl. Especially with the work stuff- I've had a customer actually bring me a DVD on anorexia. She left it with a co-worker to GIVE to me. I was mortified. And customers make comments ALL the time to me about my weight same as you, "How can you work here and stay so skinny?" and "You could eat that whole cake" - we sell this chocolate cake at work. I just smile. It's incredibly uncomfortable and awkward because they have NO idea what I am going through in my head, ya know? They have no clue that I am suffering and wish my Ed would let me have just ONE bite of that cake.
    You are so sweet and I just love your blog, darling! Thanks for all the support :)
    Have a beautiful night!

  10. hey i kind of had a day like that today! where i just didn't know what was wrong but felt kind of glum.
    hope you start feeling more like yourself =)!

    the apple looks so clean and crisp!

  11. hey laura- i get the figs and berries spread down here in new orleans...its made by a praline company down here: Aunt Sally's. BUT they have a website (i posted it once a while back) Here it is:
    I would be so excited if you ordered it :) It is my new favorite thing with PB!