Sunday, December 14, 2008

What DO Vegans eat?

Today didn't go QUITE as planned...but there were some positives. Such as my gingersnap cookie from Whole Foods:

That dark center was ooey & gooey!

I also made this. It's my own concoction. VERY peanut-buttery. It's made with PB puffins, trail mix, craisins, PB, and maple syrup. It hardens, and then I cut it into squares. VERY sweet, but VERY good.

I'll explain more about my day later or tomorrow. I was just very excited about that cookie =]


  1. Wow, that looks delicious! The cookie too, of course!

  2. Oh wow, everything looks delicious! The squares look great!

  3. Wow I'm impressed with that "snack bar" mix you created, YUM! Nothing's ever too sweet for meee

  4. Nice job on the snack mix! Sounds like a winner!

  5. hooray for the wf ginger cookie! :) your bars look/sound so good! i can't wait for the recipe!