Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful (and safe) New Years eve! Mine wasn't very exciting, because both my mom and I are sick, so we just watched Get Smart and then watched the ball drop. It was a nice end to a VERY busy day.

I don't have too much to write about today. I'm having a lot of trouble with food for some reason. Every time I eat something I feel guilty about it. I'm trying my best to still eat though, which is KILLING ed but keeping me alive!

I actually took pictures of what I ate so far today! Which, I never do. I started the morning out at the gym, doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike, followed by some weights. I stopped at my favorite coffee shop on the way home and got some caffeine! When I got home I had this:

The rest of my cottage cheese with cinnamon, and a pear (I always cut my fruit with either a knife or a slicer. I hate biting into it!)

Then lunch time rolled around and I had an arnolds sandwich thin with 1 TBS of TJ's organic hummus, lettuce, and tomato. With some baby carrots of course!

Now I'm headed out to the market to pick up bars for a certain someone. =]

Have a great day!


  1. I love that sandwich!
    Happy 09!

  2. Hey Laura, I just came across your blog. You eat such yummy looking food, plus you have a great mindset for recovery. I'm sorry eating has been difficult lately, but the more you eat, the more you'll show ED who's boss and the sooner he'll be gone. Enjoy your first day of 2009!

  3. Happy New Year girlie :D Keep up your positive thinking, you're fueling your body to live and thrive and enjoy life!!

  4. "killing ED but keeping me alive" what a great way to look at it Laura!

    Haha I always slice up my fruit...I don't know why! I just feel like a barbarian chompin' into a big ol' apple! Arn't those sandwich thins the BEST?! I'm addicted. They're so hearty but not too bready! Your sandwich looks so professional - they have taught you well down at Panera I see!

    have an amazing day girl - hope you get some yummy bars for lauren!!! :)

  5. heya girlie,
    aww im sorry your having some food struggles...danm ed for bugging you. what helps me is this inalogy....think of our bodys as cars and food as fuel...we need fuel to move, live and enjoy life and without it we stop working and slowly die. you need food so survive and you DESERVE it and need it. ed trys to make you feel as tho you dont. but u do.
    you can push thru this hun i know it :)
    im going shopping for some yummy bars for you 2moro and at the weekend :)
    keep strong and positive hun

  6. woo... can't wait to hear more about D. ;)

  7. hey darlin! looks like you had a nice and relaxing new years eve! hope you are staying warm in this icky icky cold!! please dont feel guilty about eating certain foods-- give yourself a break!!! you DESERVE to eat food that is GOOD and that you WANT and CRAVE!!!! be easy on yourself!!!!! thank you for your comments by the way!! i totally got what you meant about it being easier to gain weight while away on vaca because it is only a temporary period of time-- i'm going to write on that later!! hope you have a wonderful new years beauty!!! & remember YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

  8. love those sandwich thins :)

    good for you for resisting Ed and still eating; itll always be a struggle, what matter is that you're strong enough to punch Ed in the face and EAT!

    happy new yearrr!

  9. heres to happiness babes :) 2009 is gonna be full of it so we better get used to it!!!

    aw ur so nice but u dont need to go to so much trouble to find that one bar lol, im jus excited in general to try these famous larabars and others :)

    im going shoppin in a few hrs for your bars, i cant wait lol!!

  10. Hey, thanks for visiting the blog! Your hummus sandwich looks delicious :) Hope you feel better!