Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I couldn't tell her. I thought about it, and almost did...but then couldn't. I'm at my lowest weight right now, and I told her that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get back on track...which means I'm going to be enjoying (that's not exactly the right word!) a chocolate boost along with my afternoon snack on a daily basis. It was my idea, and I'm going to do it. I NEED to do it.

I have another appointment on Monday, simply because it's the last change I'll be able to see her before I go back to school, so I need to bust my ass and make sure I am at a good place before I leave for UConnnn.

BUT, be proud of your girl...because I'm skipping the gym today, and going to do a very quick, at home, yoga sesh just to relax my mind and body before a night at work.

I'm sorry to let you guys down...I wanted to tell my nutritionist, but it was just a bad situation. There was a little room, and THREE doctors in there. I just wasn't comfortable at all.

Have a great night gals!


  1. heya girlie,
    u didnt let any one down at all, its hard telling ppl absolutely everything when we have ed in the back of our mind. u shud be so proud of yourself for deciding to take the boost, it was a really positive idea that i think will really help you :) i take a supplement too for my afternoon snack...i take fortisip..its like ensure or boost except its on prescription.
    your doing great and try not to be so hard on yourself....recovery takes time.
    im proud of u girlie, for ur strengh today...and thats great u chose to do yoga instead of the gym. little steps lead to big accomplishments.
    keep smiling hun :)

  2. I agree with did not let us, or ANYONE, down! you are taking charge of your body and recovery. i think its seriously amazing that you decided to add boost in the afternoon. you are so strong and i admire that choice. i also admire your yoga workout instead of a gym trip. believe me, i was in the same predicament this morning and past few days...i chose yoga because I knew I was burning loads of calories and wasn't eating back any of them. and I've been doing this everyday since ive been home :( But you are a strong girl and YAY for yoga workouts today!

    keeping working hard in this! we love you <3

  3. i agree with aussi and amy! YOU DID NOT LET ANYONE DOWN! we are here to SUPPORT YOU! & ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU! if you felt as though you couldn't tell her today-- than you MADE THE RIGHT DECISION IN THAT MOMENT! none of us our perfect and recovery is NOT EASY!!!! you are doing great!!!! you are so inspiring to me for skipping a workout-- i can't seem to kick that yet! thanks for being YOU! :) xoxoxox

  4. Well - I have to jump on lauren & amy's bandwagon and remind you again that you DID NOT let anyone down girl!! I think having the boost with your afternoon snack is a GREAT idea and I'm so happy to hear that this was YOUR decision! This just proves how strong you are and that you really have your best interest at heart. I'm also really glad you decided to do yoga rather than go to the gym today - this is a sign of true strength and committment! You made such fantastic decisions for yourself today Laura and should be EXTREMELY proud!! (i know I am!)

    Have a fabulous day at work love! try to remain positive and keep smiling! (which I'm sure you'll have problem doing if D's working ;)!!

  5. Aw babycakes - you DID NOT let us down at all!! At least you're willing to supplement your snack and you realize that you need to do this - that's a step in the right direction. Don't get down on yourself! Things will turn around, it's important to stay positive :)

    Just think, you'll be able to see that hot boy D tonight ;)

  6. You'd never let me down Laura! You're awesome! Keep your chin up!

  7. i second all of the above comments! laura, you are such a strong girl! this is your recovery process and you have to do what you feel comfortable with :) i am so proud of you for taking the next step - best of luck with the boost! (bananas help the taste!)

    <3 you!

  8. heya girlie,
    omg check my blog now...i just edited this mornings post to add the AMAZING BARS YOU SENT ME!!! ahh im so excited lol. thats sooo freaky how in your comment you said u had a feeling id get them today. hun u are too kind and generous, like seriuosly thank you sooo much!! i have soo many great choices for snacks for the next while now :) your a star!! i hope you get the bars i sent you soon, i sent them on monday so itll prob be friday. thanks again sooo much.

    and also im glad my comment helped you when you were feeling down. recovery is extremely hard and a constant battle with ups and downs and you were just hahving a down but you are so brave and strong and i know you can kick eds ass and recover fullly :)

    i hope ur having an awesome day girlie!!
    love you lots,