Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have another appointment today. I'm really not sure what's going to happen. Even though my scale says that I stayed at the same weight, their scales seem to be a little different!

I'm nervous about telling my nutritionist the truth today. A part of me is telling myself that if I have a positive appointment, that I'm going to hold off on telling her. I know this is a bad mindset, but I sort of work up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

I just want to share this with you before I get going. Do you remember my Cliff Nectar Bar catastrophe? Well, I decided to try another 'chocolate' bar:

I think I might like this one better than the peanut butter one!! And that's saying a lot!

Other than the doctor, my day is looking pretty good. I'm going to grab a coffee on the way back, and relax at home for a little while. Then head to the gym and afterwards I'm closing the bakery at Panera with, you guessed it, D!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. AH laura! I havent been able to comment but tons of looove to you! I totally feel you on the momma stress...EVERYONE has that. I think a big part of a lot of eating disorders is parental pressure- they control you so you (or whoever) turns to food and exercise to have some power/control over yourself. I agree with being honest with your nutritionist, she will not scold you (I'm sure), but I know you're worried about that. My therapist would be like, I'm not your mom caroline, I won't scold you or tell u what to do! So i kind of realized I was transferring my fear of what my mom would think to everyone else! You are a strong, beautiful woman and I'm not trying to be your therapist or anything :D But i just wanted to tell you that I relate- and that this is not forever, you can work through this and build a healthy good relationship with your momma! Good luck ladyyy! xo

  2. Im thinking of you today at the doctor sweetie!!! HUGS!

  3. Good luck at the doctors appointment today, Laur! I'll be thinking good thoughts just for you :) I know its hard to be honest with your nutritionist when you've done something "bad", but the only was to fix the behaviors is to know WHY you engaged in them. The nutritionist can help you figure out the "why"s. I hope it goes well girly!

    Have a good day and enjoy work!

  4. heya girlie,
    good luck at the docs appintment today!! i hope it goes well, ul be in my thoughts. its defiently a challenge to be completely honest with your nutritionist but i think you can do it hun...and its really for the best too. she needs to know what your not telling her so you can really benefit as much as possible from the session and get healthy. anyways let us know how the docs and nutrionist goes!!
    ooo hope u and D have a nice time together :)
    much love

  5. Good luck today with both the doctor's appointment AND D ;) I think you should be really honest with your nutritionist - they're there to help you not hurt!! I'll be thinking of ya!

  6. Try to remain positive at the doctor today girlie! Remember - she is there to help you, not judge! I think you'll feel a lot better if you are honest and open up to her so you can work together to fix the problem and move forward from there! Stay strong love - I'll keep you in my thoughts. Have a good day at work! <3

  7. Good luck at the doctor's today! I'm sure it'll do more help than hurt if you come clean with your nutritionist.

    And sorry for not commenting before, but I have a pretty similar situation to yours' with my dad so I can't relate a lot.I'm sorry things haven't been working out with you and your mom, but I hope things only get better because I know how awful it is.