Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't you just love good days?

Today was just one of those days. Nothing really exciting happened (at all!) but it was just a good day. And it FLEW by. I woke up this morning with that movie on my mind, and just stayed positive ALL day. I ate breakfast, worked on the puzzle, at lunch, went to the gym, got my hair cut, picked up my paycheck, then came back here where I sat down for a nice snack. I have a few pictures documenting my day.

The snack that kept me going! This was apple pie flavor, and I liked it A LOT better than the Banana Bread one that I ate yesterday. It's a little bar, but it sure can give you power!!

I came home and enjoyed chai tea with another golden corn vitatop! I figured I would redeem myself for that terrible phone picture I posted a few days ago. You can get a better idea of what it looks like from this picture, don't you think?

I'm going to Whole Foods tonight with a few friends to get a few things to bring back to school with me. I get so excited on days that I go to Whole Foods!!!

Anndddd this is my stay positive picture. Goofiness always motivates me!!

So remember to stay positive for the rest of today everyone! It's worth it!!!


  1. How is that tea?? I'm not a tea fan AT all, i didn't really like the sugar cookie sleigh ride that everyone raves about :D I am a TOTAL believer that positivity breeds more positivity so keep it up!!

  2. That tea is AMAZING!!! I love it!! Def needs milk though ;)

    Keep up that positive attitude sweetie!! :) :)

  3. Haha, you're so goofy! Too cute! Love the eats and the tea!

  4. heya hun,

    ur positive pic is too cute lol :)
    what does that tea taste like? ive never heard of anyting like it! im glad you liked the apple pie bar!
    im glad youre having a great day, and your hair looks really pretty, i love the colour!!

    hope the rest of your day is great,
    love u girlie,

  5. Yay for a wonderful day! You're awesome!

  6. glad you had such a good day darling! Sometimes the best days are the ones when absolutely nothing happens :)

    your stay positive pic is adorable! it definitely brightened up my day!

    enjoy whole foods girlie <3! xoxo

  7. love the silly pictures you are too cute! :)

    glad you liked the nakd bar flavor! yum and a corn muffin with coconut chai tea! great eats!

    enjoy the rest of your wednesday and have fun at whole foods!

  8. i did a UK bar swap with Jemima...i had the nak'd banana bread today..i loved it..cant wait to try that flavor!

  9. I'm so glad you're having such a great day!! I FOUND THE CORN VITATOPS!!! I'm so excited to try them :)

    Hope you have a successful WFs trip - I want to see the loot girl!

  10. Hooray positivity! You're so cute!

    Does the Coconut Thai Chai get two thumbs up from you? I'm tempted to make that my next purchase, when my sugar cookies stuff runs out.

  11. glad you had a good day today beautiful! yummy eats! have a great night!!!!

  12. wow i can't wait to get my hands on some of that tea!!!!!!! mmmmm. hope tomorrow goes well for's almost the weekend wooop woop!!