Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye RI

I'm leaving in TWO hours, and nothing is packed!!! I'm so terrible when it comes to getting things done beforehand.
Well, actually, I lied. I did pack ONE thing. Food! (of course that would be the only thing I packed =] )

This doesn't even include cereal, granola, or ANYTHING for the fridge and freezer. Ahhh!!

One last picture to amuse you, because it was amusing me instead of packing!

I call this: Laura. Pondering Life Without ED.

<3 Talk to you gals when I'm in CT!!!


  1. Love the foods you packed! Cute pic of you! How is the book? Have a safe trip!

  2. Beautifully Packed foods, indeedy-do! Best of luck on your trip back to schooL lovebug! Can't wait to hear from you when you get there! X0

    AND DRIVE SAFELY!!! Loverr youu <333

  3. Holy snacks! I love the single-serve PB fortress off to the side. Excellent pondering face, by the way.

  4. Oh girl - FAB STASH!! Hope your trip back was alright :)

  5. OMG, good luck packing! haha food's the first think I'd take care of as well...Great book, take that along too!

  6. haha your so cute girlie - travel safely back to huskyville!!

  7. so many fun bars and snacks! i love it :) have you tried the white chocolate wonderful pb yet? i just picked up a jar yesterday at the store. i cant wait to try it!

    you are so cute! life without ed is my favorite recovery book :)

    safe travels love!

  8. Love your snacks! I pack food first too. Haha! Love it.

    Safe travels!

  9. haha love the pic girlie, ur too cute!!
    pack the best things first..thats my motto :) and yummy bars etc is a must to keep u fueled for school!!
    have a great trip hun,
    love u

  10. oh an i tried the cliff bars....sooo good :)