Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm a happy girl!

These past few days have been AMAZING! There isn't even a specific reason, I've just been eating really well (no weight gain yet) and keeping my mind occupied with things other than the computer and tv. Like these for example:

1500 pieces, and they are all super weird shapes!!

I started making bracelets in OP over the summer. It's so therapeutic!

OH and also, last night I got bored and went to the mall to get THIS done-

I had told my parents I was going to look for a winter coat (which I did!). So when I came home and showed them my dad laughed and said "that doesn't look like a winter coat to me!!"

I'm going photo crazy today, and not food photos! But look at where my pup was when I came home today:

She literally knocks pillows down so she can lay on them! I love this dog <3

I really don't have much to talk about today. I'm just so eager to get out of this house! I think I'm hanging out with my sister today, then maybe my friend tonight. It should be fun!

But before I go, has anyone ever tried these before?

It's Cabot Greek Style Yogurt. My mom picked them up because they were cheaper than Chobani. They are a little higher in calories (160-170) but I'm still going to give them a try.

Have a great day today girly's!


  1. Oh I am so happy to hear my lovely Laura is happy :)! It's great to have little creative outlets to relieve stress and take our mind off silly irrational ED! That puzzle looks like a KILLER though, yikes! I haven't tried those yogurts but I have seen them in the grocery store. I'd love to hear what you think about then and maybe I'll give 'em a whirl.

    Have a fabulous day missy!

  2. I'm so happy you are doing well these past few days! Puzzles & bracelet making...haha sounds like my inpatient stay :) Glad you are keeping busy, that's great girl.

    I've seen the Cabot greek yog but never bought it. I only found the plain flavors though. Hopefully they're good---let me know!

    Have a great day with your sister. I love sister time! <3 muah

  3. Yay i'm so happy you are filling your time and enjoying it and livin' life! Those yogurts sound great- I think higher fat stuff is a. better tasting, b. more filling, c. more satisfying, and d. pisses off ED more ;D ALL good things!! Yum have a great day!

  4. heya girlie,
    aww ur doggie is adorable :)
    im so glad to hear everythings going so well in general for you :) its really great to hear your happy! u deserve it!
    ive never seen greek yogurt over here ( but then again ive never looked for it so). the ones in the pic look yummy tho.
    yeah mailing stuffs expensive haha espcecially since it goes by weight and bars are heavy. oh well, itll be worth it for our bar swap :) i cant wait till you recive it. i wonder how long itll take??
    braclet makings so fun, i used to do it all the time. i still have alot of the braclets too.
    im glad to hear everythings going well for you and i hope you enjoy the day with ur sis and friend,
    love ya lots girlie,

  5. laura! omg cute dog!!! whats his/her name? i LOOOVE your room too! red is my favorite color! good for you for not doing cardio yesterday!! i really admire you for that-- you motivate me to cut back on my running which is my next step! thanks for the shout in your last post :) you are too sweet! have you ever considered seeing a nutritionist? ever since i started seeing one and taking her seriously ( i have seen others in the past and just never listened) i realized what i needed to gain and what i WILL need to maintain once i reach my goal! i think a nutritionist could really help put you at ease with introducing new foods etc! just a thought!! anyways two things i like about myself

    1.) i like my eyes and eye lashes. i have really big brown eyes and very very long lashes :)
    2.) i like my sense of independence-- i do not consider myself the type of girl who depends on other people.

    *thanks for this little exercise :)

  6. Yay! I'm so happy to hear you've been having a nice stretch of days. Isn't it so amazing to be reminded what it feels like to feel GOOD?

    I've been so tempted to put together a puzzle lately! I have cats, though -- the natural predator of puzzle pieces -- so I'm trying to figure out how I could do one. Maybe on a TV tray that I lock up when I'm not working on it!

  7. Awww cute puppy!! That's how my dog is - she'll mash all the pillows down so she can lay on them like the little princess she thinks she is!

    Nice new earring! Hope you like the yogurt - I've never tried that kind before.

  8. Tell us how that yogurt turns out. I have never seen those before! So, I'm interested!

    As for puzzles, I love them! But I am so bad at them! My family did one together, and it took forever! It was so much fun though! After dinner we would crowd around to find pieces together!