Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm such a terrible blogger!

I haven't updated in so long, and now that I finally am..I have no pictures for you!

I've been having a pretty bad few days regarding body image, and food intake. I'm not sure why I've been so depressed lately- there is really no reason for it! I had my doctors appointment yesterday and I was down yet again (which I already knew though). However, despite being bloated and having just ate dinner I weighed myself again....I don't even know why! I usually weigh myself in the morning, but I decided to do so after dinner and then number frightened me a little which is making me even more resistant to eat. Which is completely crazy, and I know I need to ignore any negative thoughts that come into my head but for some reason I'm finding it easier and easier to listen to them right now...


About my post yesterday- thank you for all your responses! I don't think I was very clear though, about why I was hesitant to do it. In no way am I worried about having other people know about my struggles...because I want to help as many other people as I can! I was just unsure as to whether or not everyone here would want the blog being known to the general public (AKA UConn students). I know many of you like to keep this blog kind of a "secret" or rather, just a personal hobby, but this would make it less of a secret I assume.

BUT. I'm going to do it. Tomorrow at 3 o'clock to be exact. And I am so excited for it. =]

I have a few ideas for more interesting blog posts, but I want to make sure I am in the right mood before I sit down to write. So expect one soon!!

OH, and Lee dear- it's extremely weird that everyone's been having dreams about their blogging friends, but you were definitely pregnant in my dream last night. Sorry love =]


  1. Aw, I hope things start looking up soon. It sounds like you realize it's just a passing phase, and that's the important thing!

  2. hey laura! i read a few posts down that when you eat you get full but then STILL want to eat.
    i have that very SAME problem!!!
    EVERY MEAL. it's quite annoying.
    i always seem to be chewing gum or grabbing a water bottle or a diet soda to try and calm it down but it often never works... sigh.

    and i had the same problem where i would feel jittery, woozy, faint, etc. and went to get my blood sugar and blood drawn but it turns out i'm just highly anemic (which i already knew) and i never take my iron pills. whooopsie. hahah so MAYBE yours isn't as serious as you think!
    or it could be hypoglycemia...

    let me know what thee outcome is!?!?

    @ shopeatblog

  3. I think its an amazing thing you are doing being so open for the paper with your blog!!!

    HUGS sweetie, do NOT let Ed convince you of ANYTHING with your weight tonight. Our weight is a number that should NOT have the power over us to make us feel bad!!!! And you ate food all day, drank water, etc etc we always weigh more in the evening, YOU KNOW THAT, dont let Ed say otherwise!!

    Stay strong sweetie! HUGS!

  4. aww! yeah babe def to the article if you want to! and katherina said she had a dream about me-- this is all too funny! :) hahaha
    dont worry about the negative days-- i know it's hard to remove emotional attachment to numbers on a scale but try to to it..
    look at the number and picture the number-- it's UNDER where you want to be-- think about it logically-- and logically-- it is JUST a number! weight is constantly changing because of fluids/salt/food/activity-- there is no one set number that we weigh. just keep that beautiful face up lady-- you are doin it!

  5. Yay - I'm glad you decided to do it! I think it will be a great experience for you :)

    Keep beating those negative thoughts, my dear! Weight always fluctuates, keep fighting the fight!

  6. I think that is such a courageous thing you are doing. And a wonderful thing too! Sounds super exciting!

  7. no IM such a bad blogger! I never comment though I read religiously!

    I'm glad you're going to do it!
    If anything, it'll just keep you more accountable because you know your school is behind you. And it'll keep more people updated on your well being in case things aren't going so well.

    Good luck with the weight stuff. I know when I was recovering, it really freaked me out and my weight changed a lot over not so long of a time. but after i recovered physically my weight stabilized and that was REALLY calming! so don't worry, you will find peace. just truck through the tough stuff and trust your doctors!

  8. You're not a bad blogger. I'm so sorry you're down in the dumps. Hang in there. I know this is such a difficult time for you. If there's anything I can do please let me know.

  9. hi girlie,

    aw im sorry your not liking the nakd bars. i hope you have better luck with the other ones :) im savouring the ones you sent me too haha.

    im soo proud of you for doing this article. i think your gonna help alot of people and inspire them to get better :) your such a great person laura!!

    im sorry your having body image issues. its something ive been dealing with lately too and affirmations are really helping me. have u tried doing them? it takes a while but they defo start to work and make you feel better about yourself and the lies ed tells us. and as far as the weight thing goes, maybe its just that your underestimating how much food you need?

    hope ur having a great night sweetie,
    love you