Friday, January 16, 2009

Let me introduce you to...

Dan My Man!

AKA Danny.
Yep, that's my buddy right there. I used to have two...but one of them passed away =[

This is going to be a short post, but I promise...there's a good one on the way!

Pretty much, these are all my new finds...and what I thought of them:

Okay...I am not even a huge fan of white chocolate, but I think this is my new favorite Luna bar!! I ate it while driving at night, so I couldn't really SEE it, but I definitely ate a WHOLE macadamia nut! When does THAT happen in a Luna bar?!

Kayyyyy- why did you not drive to RI and DRAG me to TJ's to purchase these?!? They are AMAZING!! I literally LICKED the wrapper when I was finished. Most peanut butter flavored things have this kind of "off" taste to them, but this tasted like I just SPREAD pb across the top. Delish!

I've had just the Chocolate Jocalat bar, and I loved it. So this had VERY large shoes to fill...and it did! I didn't taste TOO much Hazelnut though, but it sure was tasty!

I'm having this for dinner tonight, despite my DESPISE for frozen meals. Wish me luck!!

OH, and at work today my manager walked by me and was like "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!". Now...this is about a 30 year old man asking me this, so I was a little taken back! But once he saw the look on my face he laughed and explained "your perfume, what are you wearing?" I told him depsite hating Paris Hilton, I loved her Perfume.
He said he loved it.

So I give you....Paris Hilton's- Heiress.



  1. aww you found the luna! i'll have to keep my eyes out! i love the amys tofu scramble pocket it's really good!

  2. FIRST OF ALL!!! WHY was I not informed of Pdizzle's mac and cheese AND trail mix bagels?!

    NEXT - good to know that Luna is alright! I have it in my drawer and am planning on trying this weekend :)

    THIRD - Would I EVER steer you wrong dear?! I lick the wrapper too - have no shame my friend :D

  3. I'm not a Luna bar fan, but I am a fan of macadamia nuts, so if I see that flavor I'm gunna grab it!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, what kind of smell is it? I haven't smelled it before. LOL. I'm currently obsessed with Nina... :)

    And great eats! Danny is sooooo cute! I want a pet!

  5. oh my gosh this is NOT fair! i'm searching for the white chocolate macadamia everywhere and i can't find it! not at whole foods, not at wegmans, not online! i LOOOOOVE macadamia nuts and i know i'd love this but ahhhh i can't find it! where'd you find yours?! you are so lucky!

    how have you been girl? i've been thinking about you :)

  6. Ooh! I just bought that flavor Jocolat today, AND I have those TJ's pb granola bars. Haven't seen the new Luna flavor, though!

  7. WHERE did you find that flav of Lunabar??? mmmmmmmm I love that kind of cookies!

  8. i haven't seen that luna either! Yum, thanks for the reviews!

  9. haha aww danny is such a cutie!!

    those eats are lookin' GOOD girlie! Ive never had that flavor of Amy's pockets before but I have had other ones and I can pretty much gaurantee it will not dissapoint - I haven't met an Amy's product I haven't liked yet! It's like a healthy hot pocket - can't go wrong with that!

  10. white chocolate macademia nut luna bar!? i'm sad that i have not discovered this flavor yet! i love the jocolat hazelnut! but i love any jocolat flavor. yum amys tofu pocket! (i thinks its delicious) but i hope you enjoyed it!

    the perfume story - so cute :)

  11. heya hun,
    yummy buys, especially the white choc luna bar...white choc is the best!!

    aw ur parrots so cute :)

    hope ur having a great saturday and i look forward to reading this next post!!

    love u girlie,