Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mission: Failed.

Kohls didn't have that peanut butter maker! But I'm not giving up yet!

Before I left for the mall I had myself a frozen yogurt (the literal kind)

And I also had a Peanut Butter Pure Protein Bar. Apparently this one didn't have fish gelatin in it? I can't say I was a huge fan though. It had that typical protein bar taste that I couldn't shake. The chocolate on the outside was delish though!!

Although I didn't find my PB maker, I did find a pretty cool mug on sale!!

It's very tall and very skinny!!

I tried this tea in my new mug. Opinion? I think I have a NEW favorite tea!! It tastes JUST like apple cider! Yum!

Oh, and Jenny love, look what I did today to keep my mind off of my increased meal plan:

That's right...I COLORED!! I always need to keep my hands busy. Otherwise I feel like I need to eat ALL the time. Does anyone else feel like this? It's like...I have the desire to eat ALWAYS, even if I just ate and I'm STUFFED. So to compensate I either chew gum, ALWAYS drink something, or keep my hands busy (it's usually a combination of these things).

One thing that I haven't discussed much at all is my roommate. I just snapped this picture of her (she would hate me for posting this!!)

That's miss Jackie! Okay. Now, I love this girl. She is SO comfortable and confident in her own skin and we laugh at each other, and at EVERYTHING. When we are at school we do pretty much everything together, but once we separate for breaks we barely even touch base. I mean, I'm okay with that...especially since she's transferring next semester. But in the meantime, she's my buddy, and one of the only people I can talk to here at school. I really lucked out with a roommate this semester, and I hope I can get just as lucky next semester.
Just a little update on my day though. I went to the gym this morning and weighed myself, and despite eating more than usual yesterday, I was once again down. I was extremely frustrated, and a little hopeless. However I only stayed at the gym for maybe 15 minutes tops. My body did NOT want to work out, and I wasn't going to force it. Since then, I've been eating EXTREMELY well. Even having a dining hall cookie (I added this to my last post but I just wanted to remind myself how good it felt, AND tasted!). I've been eating when I'm hungry, and even a little when I'm not. And it's been easier than yesterday, especially since I've been keeping busy. This is motivating me even more, and I'm not going to give up!!

Have a great evening ladies!!


  1. AHHH haha I'm so glad you decided to color to take your mind off of things!!!! it works so well, right?! what a pretty blue color :)

    urgh i'm sorry you couldn't find the pb maker! how frustrating! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for ya!

    aw your roommate is so cute! I'm glad you guys get along so well!! It's nice to have someone to pal around with :) How great would it be if i came to uconn and we could be besties?! ahh! that'd be heaven! <3 xoxo

  2. Sorry about the PB let down and the pure protein bar :( That's my favorite one!

    I'm glad to hear you're motivated to tackle this - you CAN do it! Try to stay positive and hang in there. I'm so proud of, you my dear :)

  3. hey lady!! yayy for coloring! sorry they didn't have the PB machine-- keep lookin and keep us updated! how long have you been on the increased meal plan? because gaining weight seriously takes A LOT of time-- it took me almost 2 months to gain 3 lb, it's VERY VERY gradual-- think about it-- for 1 lb of weight increase-- you need to consume 3,500 calories MORE than your body needs.. gaining is a slow slow slow and steady process-- so just stick with it-- you're doing great! and also-- before i started increasing my food and eating better i would think about food ALLL the time-- i figured out this was because i was FREAKIN HUNGRY! are you eating enough and the right combinations of food? it's amazing how much i don't think about food when i'm actually satiated! hope this helps! <3 ya lady !

  4. ah, i'm sorry you coudln't find your pb maker! hopefully you'll be able to get it soon!

    and glad that you have such a great friend to hang out with! i love having roomies like that!

  5. I'm going to have to try this tea! And you did luck out on a great room mate!!!

  6. Way to honor your body's messages today! That yogurt looks pretty good, all frozen like that.

  7. you are so positive girl, i love it! just because you were a little down in the weight department today doesnt mean you cant turn it around! just keep eating well and doing what feels right and oyu will get where you want to be. its a journey!

    and btw, you are soooo lucky to have gotten a good roommate. my first roommate ever was a psycho who prayed to dragon figurines in japanese (and she is not japanese) and she would stand over my bed and look at me at night. and my NEXT roommate had a bf who dealt drugs out of our room. can you say OMG!?

  8. Love your positive outlook.

    And you're going to find that peanut butter maker soon!
    Tasty eats as always, and I should try freezing my yogurt!

  9. hi girlie,

    im soo proud of you for really trying to eat more and recognize when you didnt feel like working out :) maybe your metabolisms speeding up, if the weight keeps dropping id say thats it!!

    aw thats so nice you have such a nice roommate, i hope next semester when she transfers youll get someone else just as nice!

    yay for colouring :) it really helps right? i remeber when i was trying to stop ed behaviors i would colour and make soooo many scrap books...of anyting and everything to keep my mind and hands busy.

    ooh i loved the cliff carrot cake, thanks so much for sending that :) especially since carrot cake is my fav type of cake so you made the right choice :)

    have a great night sweetie,
    your doing amazing, your positivity is so uplifting!!
    love you lots

  10. Hope you find your PB maker! Coloring is such a great idea! I miss coloring!