Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new addiction

I'm very excited to share something with you girls.
But first, let me introduce you to my NEW addiction:
Wow...this phone picture looks even worse than I thought!
However, it's a golden corn vitamuffin top!
I absolutely LOVE corn muffins...but this is just so quick and easy (and vitamin fortified!).
Sometimes, when I eat things I really like, I think about how I could sell on a tv commercial or something.
I'm lame.

ANYWAYS..on to more important things.
What could be more important than vitamuffin tops you ask? Why, the fact that I hung out with D today of course!
It was nothing big. We worked together and he asked me what I was doing afterwards and although I had my afternoon filled with going to the gym and the grocery store, I lied and said 'nothing'. So him and I went to Borders and kind of walked aimlessly around the store chatting away. We got into a few deep conversations where we just kind of stopped moseying around and really listened to what the other one had to say and it was just a good feeling being able to hang out with him OUTSIDE of work. He said we should get together again before I leave, and I most definitely will! But it's going to be tough going back to Connecticut next week =[
Seeing as I always do this, I made sort of a...realization today, if you will. I absolutely loved just listening to him talk about music, and politics, and trust me, it's more interesting than it sounds. He's just such an educated person, and always has something to talk about. And he mentioned how he fills his time on days when he doesn't have much to do. He said he wakes up, works out, does yoga (haha, he's a loser apparently! =] ) then just kind of reads about the world, whether it be online or in a newspaper, and he plays music sometimes or just kind of chills.

You know what he DIDN'T mention? Eating of course! And I actually really liked that. I like when people don't consider eating as "doing something". They consider it just a normal part of their day. He didn't mention it because he does it every day, just like any of us would go to the bathroom! We don't mention THAT to people, do we?!

I just loved that I was able to see that our minds don't have to always be consumed by food. It can be used to learn and create and just BE.

I don't know if I'm making sense. But I'm off to make myself useful (aka do the puzzle that's calling my name!).



  1. Isn't it such an eye opener when you realise what a 'run of the mill' nondescript thing food is to normal people? Hopefully if we keep fighting we can be like that one day :) So glad you had a good time - you deserve it!

  2. I'm jeal of your corn muffins - I can't find them here :(

    HELL YA FOR HANGING OUT WITH D!! Glad to hear you had a fabulous time AND made the realization that you did - it is just a normal part of the day, not a huge event :) Soak up all the D-time you can get mama!

  3. Glad that you had a good time with your friend! That's a really important realization to make. From reading food blogs (esp. recovery ones) you'd think that food was on every person's mind, all the time. But really, most people just see food as a way to keep themselves going and keep from getting hungry. It doesn't require that much thought, most people prefer to think about much more.. enriching, shall we say, things! I do puzzles too, it's such a great way to relax!

  4. As soon as you said you had something exiting to share, I had a feeling it had something to do with D. I'm so happy you guys had a nice time, and it's very cool that your conversation led to you having a great realization!

  5. thanks for leaving me the last post-- i'm really just so happy for you to want to do this & leave ed in the dirt where he belongs! i'm so happy that you had a nice time with D!!! & good realization!!! have a great rest of the day love

  6. I'm so jealous you have those corn muffin vitatops.. I've looked EVERYWHERE for them and even resorted to emailing the vitamuffin company but they don't sell them around where I live.. I am so unhappy - corn muffins are my favorite!

    ANYHOO.. ahh! What exciting news girl..D sounds like a great guy! I think it is absolutely fabulous that he does yoga..he sounds like my kinda fella!

    Isn't it crazy to realize that not EVERYONE makes eating such a huge priority and focus point in their life?! It is so important to be reminded that food is an essential, enjoyable part of life but it is NOT what life is all about! This is a great lesson to learn in recovery girl - thank you so much for sharing!

    enjoy puzzlin' darling <3 xoxo!
    Love you girlie<3

  7. I want those corn muffins!! that is so awesome about that experience you are talking about :) it sounds like he is in your life for a reason!

  8. i love cornbread! i think my whole food's sells these in the freezer...i don't know why i've always passed them up! thanks for the recommendation :)

    im glad you enjoyed your time with d! he sounds great and very down to earth. he could probably be the best thing for you in your recovery right now! ill be thinking of you girly :)

    have a fabulous time puzzling! (i always have a winter puzzle going!) <3 you

  9. Wow, he sounds super awesome! And puzzle time is awesome!!

  10. heya girlie,
    those muffins look so yummy!!

    im so glad you and the boy had a great time :) and awesome realization about how noraml ppl see food as jus fuel...something to keep us going whilst us who have eds view it as a very complex thing. one day ewll be able to view it jus like everyone else :)

    has the package come yet? i want it to come already lol :)

    hope you have a great sunday,

    love ya