Monday, January 12, 2009

Pretty Packed Post!

I had a lot of time to think today, especially about my last post and everyone's responses towards it, and I have come up with a plan of some sort. For one, I feel as if my 'addiction' to the blogging community also has a lot to do with the fact that I have a lot of free time given that I'm still on my Christmas break. On the days that I am very busy, I don't get really stressed out about not being able to read everyone's blogs. So, since I am starting school again next week, I am going to keep up with this until then, and see what happens once I have a pretty busy schedule. If I am still finding myself spending too much time reading, comparing, and pretty much spending WAY too much time on here...then I will take a break. But I want to be okay with this, because I just ADORE the people here, and typing about my days really helps me mentally. I just need to cut back on the blogs that I DO read, and focus more on the person, not the food they are consuming.

OKAY. Now on to more interesting things.

I had a doctors appointment today, and it was a good one! They don't tell me if I maintained or gained, but either way I did not lose! This means that I am 100% going to school next Monday! My next appointment at this place is in March, and I LOVED being able to make that appointment and waltz on out of there! (don't worry...I have plenty of doctors at school to keep tabs on me and my health! =] )

While I was in the waiting room, I was reading my book when I came across this sentence. It says "Size in a matter of perspective." I thought this was an extremely interesting statement. I haven't had much time to really think about it, but I'm just letting you know to expect some sort of post in regards to this statement too. I just think it holds true in so many aspects of our lives. I see women who are absolutely beautiful, and in my opinion such a healthy "size", yet if I were to find out their weight, it would most likely be a lot more than I, myself, weigh. However, I look in the mirror and see a different size than I truly am. Perspective I tell you. Perspective.

Well, I also got a text from my friend while I was in the waiting room. She said there was a 10 for 10$ sale on ALL nutrition bars at CVS. So, of course....I hit that on the way home!

There's a few Newbies in there. INCLUDING Jaime's beloved Turtle Kashi Roll Bar! Can't wait to give that a whirl! Also, despite never seeing them in the blog world, I picked up a Pure Protein bar! Baby steps my friends, baby steps. =]

OH, and this is something I've been waiting to see pop up:

I can't wait!!!


The fact that I was expecting a package of bars from our dear Lauren! And of course, since I just purchased NUMEROUS amounts of bars, I would get another huge (and SO much appreciated!) shipment of bars in the mail!!

LAUREN- I WAS SO EXCITED TO OPEN THIS PACKAGE!! I think, I was more excited than Christmas morning. Oh gosh...I think I need to attend a Nutrition Bar Anonymous meeting.

She remembered to include a note (sorry I forgot Lauren, I still feel bad!!) But I plan on taking this to school with me. It's impossible to look at this and not smile =]

Now, I know I said I was going to save these for school. But I'm thinking that Banana Bread Nakd bar isn't going to last a whole week untouched!!

That Yogurt Wallaby bar is kind of calling my name too ;-P

Lauren- Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

I'm just in such a good mood right now. I had a FANTASTIC workout, I'm completely relaxed because my appointment is over and I am positive I will be able to go back to school, I have an OVER abundance of bars, a possible job at school, and I have a plan for the blogging problem. Oh, and there MIGHHHTTT be a boy named Tom appearing in these posts. But, that's a might =]



  1. It sounds like you've worked out a good plan, as far as blogging/reading goes!

    I wanted to say that you should check the ingredients list on the Pure Protein bar -- I got some of those the other day (they were on super clearance), and they turned out to have fish gelatin in them! I think you're veggie, right? I'm annoyed I didn't check before I bought, but glad I did before I ate one -- I just wound up giving them to my mom instead. Bah.

  2. First off, I'm glad that everything turned out well. Good to see that you are so positive!

    And holly wow, 10 for $10? That is one amazing deal for the bars! Jealous!
    And awesome package you had received too. Delicious!

    Oh, oh, and oh! I can't wait to hear more about Tom girlie! =)

  3. I think you've got a superb plan for blogging in the upcoming weeks. You are making progress according to the doctor's trip at least! Glad you feel good about everything, love. Keep your head up and stay golden when you go back to school :)

    Love the quote about size. I want to ponder it a bit as well!

    Have fun with the BOY! or at least fill us in on him? yes!


  4. i'm glad you were able to put the blogging into perspective and work out what you think will be best! you will LOVE the kashi choc turtle bar-- as you kno my all time fav! the pure proteins are AWESOME too-- the s'mores is my favorite from that line :) have a great day darlin & yay for you for being able to go back to school!!!!!!!!

  5. So many fabulous bars!! Girl you are going to LOVE that pure protein bar - it's my favorite one (well, at least I hope you love it)!

    CONGRATS on the good appointment as well! You are fabulous, my dear :D

  6. I think your little blogging plan is perfect girl! I definitely agree that once school starts up and you become busier and more distracted blogging will become a nice little outlet rather than a negative influence! (i hope so at least, I really don't wanna lose my Laura!)

    haha you must be in bar heaven girl! I am super jealous. It certainly looks like Lauren picked out some good ones..lucky youuuuuu!

    I'm so glad to hear you're in such a good mood and had a positive session with the doctor! I LOVE days like yours when everything is just GREAT :)!

    Hope your night is equally as fabulous as your day girlie <3 xo!

  7. bars bars bars, this is bar HEAVEN!!!!

    you must let me know how those new kashi ones are. i saw them at he store last week and i didnt get them (dern!) so i want to know how they are!

    love that quote about size btw, love itttt :)

  8. heya girlie,
    yay im so happy you got the bars :) oh and i had a nicer note written out on pretty paper but i left it at home and only realised when i was at the post office :( so i had to scribble one down quickly lol. i hope you like all the so glad you finally got them, i thought theyd gotten lost in the mail it was taking so long.

    im sure when you get back to college youll have a lot less time on the blogging world as you said so hopefully thatll help the situation a bit, and like you said just cut back to whatever you feel comfortable reading etc.

    have a great day :)
    love ya

  9. you are growing so old and mature with each post-not even kidding-

    your amazing-

    Keep going strong---

    never give up, when we are 80yrs. old we will look back together and love our lives, full of richness, happiness, purity and clarity-

    we are real woman!

  10. heya hun,
    aw im sorry you didnt like the banana bread bar..i havent actually tried that one before. i saw it for the first time after i went looking for it when you said you wanted it! yups the apple pie wasnt for me...but the peanut butter cookie one was fantastic :)

    nope over here we usually go to college but live at home and just travel to college everyday by bus etc. there are a number of dorms an college apartments and some ppl do move into them but they tend to be people who are from a differnt part of ireland or a differnt country. its very differnt to america!

    hope your having a great day hun,
    love u