Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

That's right- UConn cancelled ALL classes today, which is A-O-K with me!

I woke up at my usual time though (around 7:30) and decided to hit the gym. But you know what was super special about this gym visit? The scale was broken! Meaning I didn't gauge my workout on how much I weighed. I thought I would be upset about this, but I was actually really relieved. Not having that scale as a part of my day means I feel so much more FREE!

Here's a picture of what I see on my dear Arc Trainer-

It overlooks the pool =]

Okay, so afterwards I went back to the dorm, packed a lunch and my roommate and I hopped a bus to....The Big Y!!! Ah! It was amazing! I needed to stock up on so much stuff, and I didn't realize that we had a grocery store so close to campus! I was upset that I STILL can't find Barney Butter or Mighty Maple ANYWHERE! Everything was going wonderfully, however, until the bus didn't wait for us while we were running for it on the way home!! So we were stuck in a Chinese Restaurant with ALL of our bags until our Cab arrived!

We didn't hold back!!

Well, I guess the good thing about taking a cab back meant we got dropped off right at the entrance of our dorm! I told my roommate that I was going to take a picture of everything I bought and she didn't even question it! She's so laid back...I love it!

Top row- Fresca, Vanilla Chobs, Cottage Cheese, Cabot Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Boca Vegan Burgers, and OIKOS VANILLA AND HONEY GREEK YOGURT! (so excited for this!)
Middle row- Smart Dogs Veggie Dogs, Two sweet potatoes (for nuking in the microwave), Smart Deli Veggie Ham Slices, a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cliff Bar (I have NEVER allowed myself a big cliff bar before...but I think this one is going to be worth it!)
Bottom row- Vanilla Chai tea and some Ranch Seasoning for my air popped POPcorn!

So...all this snow seems positive right? Well, sadly we needed to postpone the interview that I was supposed to have today until tomorrow. But that's okay, what's one more day right?!
Laura's Thought of the Day!

Okay, so this isn't my only thought of the day, but it's something I've been trying to figure out lately. Yesterday afternoon, after my lunch, I had a craving for peanut butter. And when this craving hits, you can bet that I "overdo it". Now, overdo it in WHO'S eyes? ED's of course. I had maybe a total of 3 tablespoons of peanut butter yesterday, but afterwards I wasn't even full...I felt satisfied. But I could feel the guilt slowly creeping in so I asked myself this- "What EXACTLY am I feeling guilty about?" I know sometimes it's simple- "I feel like I'm getting fat." But this time was different. I knew that I still had a lot of wiggle room calorie wise. I also knew that I didn't feel guilty for eating the peanut butter itself...since I adore this creamy goodness! So...what was I feeling guilty about? I was feeling guilty of eating outside of my normal and safe eating habits. Peanut butter was NOT in my ED's acceptable meal plan. It was different. It was uncomfortable for me. So I reasoned with it. SO WHAT? So what if I don't USUALLY have this protein-packed snack? I was hungry, I craved it, I listened to my body and I felt satisfied. I knew that this wasn't going to make me gain 10 pounds, or even 1/2 a pound (even though if I'm going to gain weight, I would love for it to be from eating all that peanut butter!!! <3.SO. BE. IT!

p.s. Do This.


  1. I'm super glad you were able to think through your discomfort at eating the PB and make sense of it -- or, rather, decide that it DIDN'T make sense! That's great.

    Also, it's cool that you get to overlook the pool at the gym!

  2. I am SOOO happy to hear of the positive reflection on yesterdays peanut butter snack! :) Ed doesnt want us to be happy and Im glad you are becoming able to seperate from him!!!

    Great buys and OHH YESSS for the scale being broken at the gym! :) Have you considered trying to go without weighing hun?

    Enjoy the snow day!!

  3. 1. what a view! you are so lucky! my gym overlooks an empty quad, so the scenery gets tres boring after a while! at least you get to catch some action! (and cute swimmers perhaps!?)

    2. i am so jealous of that clif bar! gahhhhh! i think i write that on everyone's blog when i see that they found that flavor. honestly, the tri-state area is just not feeling the white chocolate macadamia goodness! enjoy it for me! :)

    3. i'm so glad i read this entry; last night i ate a couple spoonfuls of white chocolate dreams out of the jar because i was CRAVING IT and ed beat me up. why?! because he's a jerk... but reading your analyzation about the situation made me realize that ed was messing with my mind! thanks for being so open love!

  4. girlie thats a beautiful realization and outloook an the pb thing. and im glad you let yourself have what u craved and told yourself so be it :) so proud of u!!

    great buys...i see a cliff white choc macadamia bar in there..let me know hw they are..they sound sooo good!!

    have a great day sweetie
    love u

  5. this is wonderful - just wonderful my dear! why should we feel guilty for eating outside of our safe eating habits? ED is the one that creates them and we hate him anyway - so GOOD! and I agree - if we gaining weight, pb is definitely the way to do it!

    fab. groceries by the way love - quick question..are you a vegetarian?! just curious :)<3! have a great day my darling!! love you! xoxo

  6. Hey~
    So I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it and can relate to a lot. I really want to try to white chocolate macadamia nut Clif bar but just haven't had the courage or cared to buy them. And peanut butter is definately the way to indulge, lol.

    I don't have a blog, though I have been thinking about it. I am trying to recover from b/p issues and body image problems. Anyways, thought I would give a bit of background since you have opened yourself up!

    Keep up the work and have a great day!

  7. glad you let yourself have some tasty peanut butter! good for you for thinking the LAURA way and not ED way!!!! :) you are gonna love the white choc macadamia clif bars-- can't wait for your thoughts! and barney butter is really only avaliable online on the website i think ! i ordered some last week myself! & i'm glad the scale was broken-- hopefully next time you won't have to weight yourself because YOU dont want to :) have a great night :)

  8. yuuummy buys!!!
    snowww dayy bayybayy hahah

    does your roomie know about your blog/ ED/ etc.?
    is she accepttingg?

  9. Hey, also thanks for the comment. Thinking about starting my own blog back up, so it was funny you commented on it.

    Too bad they don't give snow days for work... gotta go, time to drive thru falling ice to get home.

  10. hi girl, i'm new to blog world but i stumbled across yours and felt i could relate to you really well! i'm a freshman in college in CT and also have had many, many "over indulgences" of peanut butter - but i LOVE peanut butter, so i'm going to enjoy it, damnit! i encourage you to do the same!
    anyways, drop by any time you want to chat, and any blogging tips you have are totally appreciated (: <3

  11. WCMN CLIF!!!! It is SOOOOOOOOOOO worth it girl! Eat and enjoy :) Chobs and Cottage Cheese = fabulous grocery haul! You did me proud ;)

    What a great ending! Remember Ed is NOT Laura - Laura wants PB, Laura gets PB! No ifs, ands, or buts! Enjoy your snow day!

  12. Yay for you! I had a snow day too! Great groceries for today! Love your attitude!!

  13. a snow day!? im jealous!

    i love you grocery purchases - and enjoy the clif bar! i have yet to try a regular sized clif too. so today i searched at whole foods for the white chocolate macadamia and no luck! but they had the luna so i guess i guess thats okay :) but im so proud of you for your accomplishments, all in one day! keep fighting girly! you are not a number, there is no need to weight yourself (leave that to the doctors) you deserve to be free :) and i too have the same guilt feelings off and on, its very frustrating! so i found a quick cure - sleep. but we will get through this!

    love you! <3