Thursday, January 29, 2009

They come and go.

The good days I mean!
Today, is turning out to be one of them. And for no particular reason either! I'm just so motivated for recovery, so I'm running with it!

However, I do need to ask something (pretty unimportant). As you know, I picked up two sweet potatoes yesterday at the grocery store. Well, I was just CRAVING one once I got back to the dorm, so I decided to nuke it in the microwave and enjoy a little snack. However...this is what it looked like:

Is this normal for a sweet potato? I didn't taste like a sweet potato, but it didn't taste like a white potato either. In fact, I think I might have even liked it MORE THAN either of those.

Ironically, our dining hall had sweet potatoes that night. The orange ones. =]

Normally on Tuesdays/Thursdays I spend my mornings snacking on little things (nutrition bars, cottage cheese, etc) so by the time I get to the dining hall ED tells me to only get a salad. Well, today I got a salad....AND a sandwich! I wanted one, so I got it. Taken via cell phone-

A very large dallop of roasted red pepper hummus with field greens and tomatoes, SANDWICHED between two large slices of wheat bread.

When I got back I gobbled down and apple, and now I'm blogging while having some of my chai tea. Yum!

I hope everyone's day is going well! I have my interview tonight at 7 and I am excited/nervous/a whole bunch of emotions! I'll let you girls know how it turns out! <3


  1. The usual sweet potatoes that most of us get are also sold as 'yams' (although they aren't actually the same thing). But, yeah, there are white/yellow-fleshed sweet potatoes, too -- that's what you got!

    Good luck with the interview!

  2. the answer to your sweet potato question ;-)
    I'm so glad you're having a good day - I love those days where it just feels like anything is possible and recovery seems so tangible - those days are reality, the negative ones are just ED lies! xxxx

  3. hmm not quite sure what the heck that potato is but if you like it - whatever!

    I'm so glad your having a good day my dear.. and i am super proud of you for having such a fab. snack ;) good luck with that interview miss.. let me know how it goes! <3 xoxo

  4. i feel like the orange ones are usually yams....

    looks good though!!

    love ya girly, glad you're running with the good mood :)

    you deserve it!!! hows the newspaper thing coming along?

  5. hahaha, hmm... that definitely doesn't look like a sweet potato! but i made a grocery run this morning because i ran out last night! MUST. HAVE. SWEET. POTATOES!

    that sandwich looks great! my dining hall hummus STINKS! consider yourself lucky! AND GOOD LUCK TONIGHT!!!!

  6. Hmmm...interesting potato!

    Woohoo!! That sandwich looks SO good - glad you enjoyed it, mama :) Keep up the fabu work!!

  7. yay for sammies and salad :) way to go for following your bodys wants!!
    good luck with the interview..cant wait to hear how it goes :)
    oh and i think thats just a normal potatoe hun!!
    much love

  8. hmmmmm that tater just doesnt seem right!! LOL!!

    Yummy lunch girl! great for for listening yo your body and what you want!

    I wish you the best with the interview tonight!!!! :)

  9. good for you babe! youll do great at the interview! and i'm not sure about the sweet potato but i know there are many different kinds..?

  10. hello :) i have following your blog for a while and i just want to say well done for getting so far in recovery :) and well done on the sandwich..a BIG step forward keep it up your doing great :) xxx

  11. Yay for the good days! I usually can only manage good afternoons or good mornings, so a good day is always so nice!!!!

    And I have NEVER had a sweet potato look like that... it almost looks like a cross-breed between a sweet potato and Idaho potato, lol. It's their baby :)

  12. those are asian sweet potatoes!! they are much sweeter and yummier in my opnion~ next time you should try purple swt potatoes!!! realllllly holy yum!

  13. I love sweet potatoes! Chai tea too! Have a super night!!

  14. Hope everything goes well tonight!
    And I love the sandwich!