Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome! my room!

It's a bit messy, so there are no pictures of the floor =]

Oh...photoshop, how I love you! that you got a slight glimpse of my living space, I want to apologize for the lack of food photos. I've been eating with my parents a lot so I can't really take pictures. But hopefully this post won't be TOO boring for yah!

Update in Laura, Love & Lattes
As you know, I worked with both C AND D last night. And you know what? It wasn't awkward with C at all! Everything was completely cool, and it seemed like he had gotten over it. UNTIL my friend received this email- (she works at Panera too)

"i just have one last question about it. did she tell me she wasnt looking for a relationship now to avoid hurting my feelings? i want to know if she just wasnt interested in me. If she would give me a chance someday, i would consider asking her to my senior prom. If she is not interested i can still just be friends. she's like perfect for me so i just want to know the truth....I will always atleast just be friends with her"

Apparently I'm perfect for him?! Oy!!! (if you couldn't tell, he's a year behind me, but he's doing this college/highschool duo thing)

BUT I still have plans to hang out with D this week...which hopefully that pulls through! Life is just NOT boring anymore, which is great! D and I talked ALL night at work last night, which I loved of course =)


So, I weighed myself today, and despite the 4 ounce weight gain on Friday, I am now AT MY LOWEST WEIGHT EVER!! So, I only did weights today, no cardio, and ate REALLY well. I just decided that I was okay with gaining weight. I think I have Jaime to thank for that (thanks girl!!). I don't know why, but her post about that gained lb was just...inspiring. It hit a spot, and now I am taking this HEAD ON!!!


There is just so many different things I want to discuss! It's crazy!
I've come to realize that the person I am drastically changes when I'm at work...and not in a bad way at all. I am just a completely confident person at work. The second I step into those doors I seriously stand up straighter, and can't get a smile off my face. I don't really understand why, but I like the person I am when I'm at work...and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this?


Last thing, I swear! I have a challenge for all of you. It's going to be tough, but at the end of your comment I want you to think of two things you like about yourself. One of which needs to be physical. And try not to focus on weight or anything like that. It can be simply the way you walk, or your little finger. I'm going to go first though, so don't you worry-

1. I like the way I can make people smile, and think a little deeper into their lives.
2. The skin around my collar bone. It's weird, I know, but it's really smooth and I like it.



  1. Oooh you little heartbreaker! Haha. I could tell he was a year younger because of his Senior Prom comment hehe! He likes older women apparently?!

    Cool room! Love the red walls. Sexxxual :O

    I'm glad Jaime's post helped you! She is very inspiring.

    I know what you mean about work...when I worked at Gap, I really liked who I was and how I acted around people and even more so because I got positive feedback from my coworkers and customers.

    1) I like my ability to be a good listener/friend
    2) I like my hands and feet. They are a nice little set :)

  2. thanks lovey and i will most definitely keep you posted and updated with how things are.
    and my oh my how your life is exciting haha two guys, soft collar bone skin and a sweet tie dye shirt can life GET any better?? i think not.

    1.) My blue eyes
    2.) I LOVE to listen to what others have to say..seriously! And then give killer advice after :) i hope haha

    My left ring finger ( coincidence??) and my right pointer finger hahaha

  3. Hey lady! Sweet room :D I'm glad work, and time with parents is going well! I think my two fave things aaare:
    1. My ability to comfort ppl when they're sad, i'm a BIG hugger!
    2. I like my lips :D My bottom lip is bigger than my top and they look just like my daddy's.

  4. I know what you mean about feeling different at work -- there's just that knowledge that you know what you're doing, and you're in charge of something.

    1. I think I'm pretty good at helping my friends see their problems from different angles, which can hopefully lead to a creative solution.

    2. I like my long fingers; I think they look graceful.

  5. Love your room! It's so organized!!!

  6. awww look at you and your love triangle!

    1. I like my itty-bitty hands.
    2. I like my soft skin.

    wow. this was a lot tougher than i thought... :(

  7. heya girlie,
    lol look at you with the boys fighting over u practically :)
    im a completely different and more happy person around my friends than i am at home, i think its cause im around ppl my age and im nto constantly analyzing stuff in my head.
    thats great that when u saw ur weight was low you skipped the cardio and ate well hun :) im proud of you!!
    the weight gain thing is hard but im glad u feel better about it. one thing that i always say to myself when i feel crappy about it is what other choice do i have...eventually being so underweight for so long does alot of damage and i was at my loest weight for over a year and have prob already done damage and dont wanna do anymore.

    1. i love my long eyelashes - ppl always complement me on them or ask me if theyre real lol
    2.i think im a good listener and can help ppl solve their problems

    ur rooms too cute :)
    posting the bars 2day :) jus wondering tho do i put usa or america or something at the end of your adress? cause i think i need to out the country your in on it cause its international post!!

  8. lol you've been busy!
    2 things I like about myself:
    1) I'm glad I have matured a lot (through this disease, ironically) and am much more mature than others my own age...
    2) I like my nose...It's got a definite shape, unlike most Asians!

  9. Woohoo for hanging out with D! Good luck lady :) As for C...don't try to lead him on at all. Hopefully you're friend set the record straight!

    Two things about myself:
    1. I can make anyone laugh - usually by making a fool of myself (I don't get embarrassed) but I don't care. As long as I can make other people happy then my job is done :)
    2. I like my hair. I take a lot of precautions to make sure I don't damage it and that it's healthy.

  10. Oh the C and D gossip is getting JUICY!!! Sounds like Panera is the next "Laguna Beach" or something! ;)!!

    I love your room Laura! The red is so BOLD - it's fabulous!

    I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better about gaining weight. Jaime certainly is an amazing girl and I'm glad she's inspired you.

    It's great that you find such happiness at work. It's so important to have an outlet and a place where you feel as though you are YOURSELF, and confident in that person...lucky for you that this place for you happens to be your work..where you get paid..and get to flirt with cute boys :)!

    hmm...this is a toughie:
    1.) I always try to remain positive and search for the silver lining in negative situations
    2.) My mole [ok - i call it a beauty mark ;)!!] on my chin.. i think it gives me character and makes me unique..i've named her Lucy!

  11. I'm glad you have one place where you truly feel happy! Everyone needs a place to just escape everything they're going through, and be themselves!

    Arg, this is hard.
    1)I'm pretty tall for a 14 year old, 5'8"! I don't feel self conscious about it, I like the attention I get.
    2)I'm a good listener. I don't speak much, but my friends usually come to me to tell me their problems and just vent.

    Thanks for making me think like that!

  12. great post! By the way love your room the clash is like the best band ever!! I know what you mean about having like a work personality that differs, i change around different people I have no idea why. Ummmm okay two things....
    1) I have extra thick eyelashes which i like (is that weird to like eyelashes?)
    2) I try my best to be mature and sensitive to others feelings at all times, considering a wide range of perspectives as best I can

  13. i love the pictures of your fun room! and i also love the clash :)

    im so happy that you feel better about gaining the needed weight! that is such a hard mental thought to overcome. best of luck!

    1) i have grown to love my hair color - it is unique and suits my personality/character
    2) i am a very self-less girl but that is because i really do care about others and how they feel

    great post lara! i hope you have a wonderful night :)

  14. Love your awesome room!!!

  15. heya hun,
    thank you sooo much for that last comment you left me, it meant alot, ur such a special person and im so glad to get to know you :)
    so i sent the bars yesturday in this huuuuge envelope i got in the post office..the bars are bubblewrapped so hopefully theyll arive bruise free. let me know when you get them :)
    i cant wait to get my bar package you sent me...i wait for the post now haha :)
    yeah about the weight gain thing, at least we can try help eacother out cause were both going thru the same thing...i mean i wish we werent going thru it but at least were not alone :)
    anyways hun hope ur having a great tuesday,
    love ya lots girlie,