Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where are all the nuts?!?!

I think Kashi likes jipping us off!

BUT even without those wonderful nuts on top, this tasted IDENTICAL to pumpkin pie (granted it's been quite awhile since I had a piece of PP, but it brought back memories!)

I had this with a cup o' joe this morning. Then I went to the gym, picked up the last of my books and grabbed ANOTHER coffee on the way back (winter spice flavor is my weakness!).

I came back, got ready for the day, made an appointment with my doctor (all by myself! Be proud of your girl =] ) and then went to lunch.

Do you even have those days where ED doesn't seem to exist? I do. And today is one of them. I wasn't freaking out about lunch, of those two coffees with extra soymilk, and when I went to lunch I made my sandwich with WHATEVER I wanted, and ate until I was satisfied. I have NOT felt satisfied in such a long time. It's such a relaxing feeling, and I no longer feel exhausted or anxious. I'm on cloud nine, I swear!


Here we have two large pieces of WW bread (what's light bread?!), with veggie bologna, dijon mustard, tomatoes and spinach. I had cooked carrots, and a little spinach salad with extra french dressing! I also cut up an apple and munched on that while blogging when I got back.

The rest of my day is busy busy, but I'm taking advantage of this great and beautiful day by listening to my body. I have my first biology class from 2-2:50, then my first therapist appointment at 3, and then my first day of work (5-8).

A day of firsts! Can't wait!



  1. very proud of you for making that appointment girl - and for your fabulous eats! I have such a sore spot for my coffee too..they still have the pumpkin spice flavor here and lets just say i make frequent trips to the coffee counter!

    good luck at therapy and work darling <3 xoxo!

  2. hi hun,

    thanks for your comment on my recent post :) it was really sweet and it makes it easier to hear that somone else knows what im going thru with not feeling like our parents acknowledge anymore the gaining part of recovery although were still excpected too. i was thinking about it though and its good in one way cause we have to motivate ourselves to do it...which proves were recovering for ourselves and doing this out of our own strengh and determination :) we can do this, together!! here for you always babes!!

    so so proud of you and glad you made a doc app. all by yourslelf :) and for having a non ed exsistint day...i have them sometimes too and they are WONDERFUL...thats what everyday will be like for us one day, thats motivation right there huh? to know we can one day feel so great all the time, ed free :)

    lunch looks so good!!
    have a great night girlie,
    love u

  3. Congrats on making the appointment - be proud girl! Let me know how it goes (if you feel like it) and remember, I'm only a click away!

    I agree the top does taste like a super sweet PP! What Bio are you taking?

  4. your positivity just shines today darlin! good for you! your lunch looks amazinnnn! i do like that pump pie bar but have you tried the rasp chocolate yet? thats my fav! hehe then again you hated the go lean roll so maybe you shouldn't listen to me! yay for you for makin the appt! :) xo

  5. Hope all goes well today! You're doing great!

  6. thats awesome girl! i was super hungry today, and i think its b/c i had terrible tummy pains last night and woke up pretty bloated. so i had an early dinner....525! ed is freakin out right about now..but i am silencing him by reading blogs of my fav girls (like yaself) and about to dig into some psych h/w. hope everything went well! keeping busy is keey...balance is essential<3

  7. Love that kashi bar, even though I do agree about the nuts, it's still great!

    Yay for an ED-free day, gives you a taste of what life is meant to be!

  8. Yay! Glad to hear that your day was so free of ED's voice. I hope you'll share your experience with the therapist with us!

  9. You think your kashi bar was bad. You should see my blog and the pic of the one I had...

    I'm glad you had a ED free day!!

  10. i love those days! way to go laura :)im so proud of you for making that appointment! that shows so much motivation and desire!

    sorry about the kashi bar! my only problem is the size - they are so small!

    i hope you therapy went went! i cant wait to hear about it :) enjoy your night lovey! xo

    p.s i will message you with my dr. visit update!

  11. I just love reading your blog, it's always so positive and're doing so well fighting ED, it fills me with hope too!

  12. so glad you had a day without ed. i have them sometimes, and they are a glimpse of 1) the past, pre-ed, and 2) the future of life post-ed. YAY! amazing :)

    I feel ya on the jip-age of nuts in the Kashi bars. Annoying! I'd add my own :) Love ya!!!

  13. What an encouraging post....thank you for sharing! Way to go :)