Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bags, Buys, and Valentines.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I was greeted this morning by a gift from my parents! I know it's kind of corny, but it's a tradition that they always get something for my sister and I. This year was a little different though- my mom decided that getting me candy wasn't the best choice since I usually don't eat it (I TRY too). So instead she got me "snacks" from Trader Joe's, along with a CD of really relaxing music, since she knows I have been stressed lately. This present meant SO much to me because it's the first time she has gotten me a gift that is more personal than generic. Normally it's a heart shaped box of chocolate, but THIS time it just screamed Laura!

(Has anyone ever tried these before? They are such an interesting shape!)

I also gave my parents a gift this year. I really had no idea what to get them, so yesterday I decided to take a picture of my pup and I, have it framed, and give it to them with a card saying how much I love them. This is the picture I used:

It takes a lot to get a little dog to look at a camera =P

And now on to...

The Bag Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Lauren, and to be honest I am the worst person for this! I guess I'm a terrible "girl" in the sense that I don't put much thought (or money) into choosing my bag. But I'm sure you all know the rules- so without further ado...I present to you my 15 dollar bag:

I didn't get a chance to update last night, so I thought I would share with you my findings (new and old) at Stop and Shop yesterday-

Chobs, Whipped CC, Nature's Promise veggie burger (?)

I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! After looking EVERYWHERE, I finally spotted it at S&S and immediately put it into my basket (despite already having SO much Pb. Notice I didn't say too much =P )

These look good right? They aren't. Unless you like chomping on pure coffee beans...

The story behind this sandwich-
I have a LOT of trouble just eating a normal amount of peanut butter. Normally once I start eating it I really can't stop. But last night I REALLY wanted to try the Mighty Maple PB, so I decided to measure out two tbs, spread it on high cal bread, and enjoy a simple dinner. I ate it, enjoyed it, and felt content (and thirsty!). That PB is incredible!!! And I felt zero guilt for over-eating. Pb and I are becoming closer friends by the day!

Just to answer everyone's questions on the Hummus Chips-
My mom got them at a little grocery store in our town. It's called Dave's Marketplace, and I've seen a few stores throughout our state but I'm not sure if they are found anywhere else? The chips didn't taste like hummus at all! Actually, they tasted like very flavorful, very thin-&-crispy soy chips. I still highly recommend them =]

And one last thing! I went to see Mall Cop last night with my sister's fiance, and it was pretty funny! However, about halfway through there was a scene where a larger woman's shirt came up a little and you could see her stomach. Instantly the entire theater burst out with moans and groans and "ewwwww"s. I couldn't believe my ears! Since when is woman's stomach absolutely repulsing?! She wasn't OBESE, she just had more fat on her stomach than, apparently, the average person can accept. This really bothered me, and made think "no wonder woman are so pressured to be thin. If she isn't, she thinks MASSES of people will be repulsed and disgusted by her."

This is pretty sad...


I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Valentines day, spent with those you love. <3>


  1. What a great Valentine's gift from your Mom! My family members and I love giving each other gourmet foodie treats for birthday and holiday gifts. I always have a lot of fun searching for the perfect treats for each person.

    I'm almost done with my jar of Mighty Maple- enjoy it, it's a great one! I think I'll move onto the dark chocolate flavor next... Happy V-Day!

  2. omg soo cute of your mom! She will LOVE your gift- parents LOOOVE stuff like that :D! I really like those kinds of almonds, they have them at tapas bars in Spain! They are kind of "wet", but after u get past that are so good and good for ya!! Happy vday dear

  3. haha i feel like im replaying our convo last night when i read your blog today :) girl i LOVE your 15 dollaaaa bag...thats the way to go. Mighty Maple is the shiiizzzziittt and seriously no lie..i thought the SAME thing when that part came up on mall cop!!!! the world is messed up i tell ya

  4. hapy v day hun :)

    aww i love the bag its really cute!! and so is the personalised pressie your mum sent you, so thoughtful!

    that picture of you and the doggie is adorable! and you are so beautiful (inside and out)!!

    well done on the pb sammie hun, so proud of you :)

    love u

  5. happy v-day, laura! love, happiness, and hearts sent your way <3

    glad you got to enjoy one of my all time loves, mighty maple! i'm so happy you felt zero guilt :)

    love you, xoxo.

  6. Ah such a lovely Vday gift from your Mommy!!! :)

    Way to go on eating a GOOD portion of PB! :)

    Happy Valentines Laura!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, my girl! What a wonderful gift from your mom -- isn't it great when it feels like people take the time to think about what YOU like and want? Even if it's only a small gift, it makes it seem like the most special thing in the world!

  8. I know all about ornery little pups! LOVE 'EM! :D

    I almost bought those bars today, but held off. Probably a good move!

  9. What a fabulous gift basket!! And that was so sweet of you to give your parents that adorable picture!

    Society is SO warped on what is "acceptable" looking! It's ridiculous and I totally understand how you feel about that movie scene.

    Congrats on your pb sandwich!! :)

  10. your mum is too cute! what a nice package :) and great finds at the grocery store! ughh i'm totally with you on how the messages we are sent are so f'd up! have a good night girl xoxo

  11. Congrats on the PB-lovin'! Happy Valentines day, beautiful, hope you have a wonderful evening. xxxx

  12. ugh, i hate when good movies are ruined with BAD HUMOR! it's like bride wars; it was such a cute movie but the "fat jokes" were out of control and i was furious!

    my parents always spoil me on v-day too, although i can't say i got amazing TJ goodies like you did! you lucky duck, you! i hope you had a day full of love and happiness, you deserve it! <3

  13. I agree with you about the movie thing being pretty interesting. I think about this kind of thing a lot because I try to be an open-minded person, but it's hard to kind of put everything into context with the culture we have been socialized in. I find the human need to have some kind of standard to attempt to emulate to be very interesting, especially when it happens to be something that is impossible or too unhealthy for a lot of people to spend their life trying to attain. I dunno, it's craziness.

  14. Ah - babycakes! I can't find my overnight oat recipe (aka mix ins) for you but I'm going to keep looking!! I didn't forget about it :)

    MISS MIGHTY MAPLE!!! I'm so proud of you for that sandwich, seriously that's fabulous!

    What a great gift from your mom. I'm glad your relationship seems to be getting better!!


  15. Oh my gosh, such great items!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

  16. I am so happy Mighty Maple has entered your life. She's wonderful, no?!

    I saw that movie too and had the EXACT SAME reaction as you did! That woman is so brave and courageous for putting herself and her body out there - and all people can do is stare at her "extra skin" and think it's "gross" - god knows what's so gross about it..

    enjoy your day, babe! <3 xo

  17. i hope you have a wonderful v-day girly! your mothers gift was so thoughtful - and yummy! i love tj's and meditating music <3

    might maple!!! i have been searching for this flavor and it is now where to be found. enjoy it for me in twice the amount :D

    i love you so much! xo

    p.s your dog is too cute!