Sunday, February 15, 2009

But....where are all the pictures?

Sorry! This is basically a pointless post. But I was having a pretty off day until I heard this song on the radio. And even though, yes it is country, it really put me in a good I thought I would share it with you all!

Otherwise, I have Chem GALORE to study for. So I'll be catching up on blogs when I can!!!



  1. good for you for getting your work done... I tend to use blogging as a procrastination tool, haha.

  2. I <3 country!

    Thanks for your post girl! I think if I just work harder at school to balance out eating then I'll be less likely to eat ravenously at home haha, which ED makes me feel I do! It's definitely nice to go home & get away from the rural life for a few!


  3. Bahhh - I feel ya on Chem galore :(

    Good luck!!

  4. good luck studying hun, have a great week :)
    love you