Monday, February 23, 2009

Fast like a RACEHORSE! EDITED!!***

That's how quick this post is going to be!
I had my doctors appointment, and wouldn't you know your girl here is PACKING ON THE POUNDS!!! (Well...not exactly, but oddly enough I feel okay with that!)
I could start to hear ED poking his nose into my business, so I sent my friend saying "Weight gain! Holla!" (she is also an ED sufferer) and it honestly made me feel so much better!
I also sent my sister an update, because I KNOW she has a lot to do with this!

Annndddd you girls are in for a BIG surprise on Wednesday night...DUN DUN DUN!!

<3<3 Peace!

This quote:

The worst part is over,
Now, get back on that horse and ride.


  1. Im glad you have such a positive attitude. Cant wait for the surprise :)

  2. Agreed about the positive attitude. It IS a great and wonderful thing that none of us should be afraid of!

  3. Ah that is so great! Way to go, girl

  4. LOVE your attitude today lady! KEEP IT UP! CONGRATS TO YOU FOR THE PROGRESS :) cant wait for wednesday to hear whats up. xo

  5. aw girl you are just bursting with enthusiasm and i love it :). keep up all the amazing work my darling girl, you are doing so well!

    i wish you hadn't told us there was a surprise in store on wednesday! now i totally can't wait.. thanks a lot.. has anyone ever told you your a tease ;)

    ..speaking of being a tease, hows the boy sitch going mama?! I wanna hear all about it!! <3

  6. Woohoo for your good news and having so many people to share it with :)

  7. good for you for gaining some needed weight without the guilt :D

  8. thanks for the welcomee! and also congrats on the weight gain, i know its hard but in the end health is the keyy to happiness!! keep on truckinn

  9. hooray! you are amazing laura! your attitude is exactly what i need :D honestly - i love you so so much!

    <333 best of luck with school this week! and i cant wait for your surprise!