Saturday, February 28, 2009

Formal Me Up!

First of all, my refrigerator likes to get cold and warm spontaneously, so it ended up freezing my blueberry Chobs unexpectedly! But only halfway, so you can see all the layers of blueberry goodness! It was so good!!

Secondly, as most of you know the Engineering Formal was last night, and I was absolutely terrified about it. But you know what? Everything worked out. Turns out he can't dance very well to "American music". He's from Puerto Rico, and their dances are a bit different than how we dance here! So we enjoyed each others company, enjoyed dinner (stuffed shells with ALFREDO sauce!!! It's been years for both of those...) and then ended up leaving early where we proceeded to sit in the lounge downstairs for a good two hours just talking. It was such a nice feeling. A comfortable feeling, which isn't something I get very often, especially in the company of someone else.

Before I left I did manage to get a picture of my dress for you all. Please note that my hair ended up being down, and I wore jewelry/makeup, so I didn't go looking exactly like this! But I feel like this dress makes me look like I'm getting ready to go Tango!! Ooh LALA!

Look at my beastly camera! I need to invest in a good quality PORTABLE camera!!!

Once B loads pictures of the formal itself I'll probably steal one to show you girls, because I know you're all dying to know who this boy is =P

As for's basically wonderful. It's beautiful (and chilly) outside, which basically means I'm in a BEAUTIFUL mood!! Actually, I feel like this right now:

I was in the "little girls room" last night and I overheard a girl talking on the phone. Now, I'm not sure who she was talking to exactly, but she was asking them if they rememebered to get their cholesterol test done, and if they remembered to take their medicine. And I was just thinking to myself about how everyone has their own problems, and we just seem to get so wrapped up in our own. Here this girl was so concerned about this other person, making sure they are taking care of themselves. I'm not sure why it affected me so much...I guess it just made me realize that although we may think that our problems are the most difficult...they aren't. We have control over our future, when a lot of people with other diseases don't. I'm not really sure if what that girl was talking about over the phone has anything to do with that, but I somehow managed to make that connection. =]

Have a wonderful day everyone!!! Smile as MUCH as you can!!


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  1. heya girlie
    aww you look so beautiful in that dress :) i love the colour, it looks so great on you!

    im so glad to hear you had such a fantastic time!

    B sounds wonderful, cant wait to see a pic of this boy who swoons you so :)

    have a great saturday night,
    love you lots

  2. you look gorg woman :D That is really interesting about the phone convo...Even though you didn't know exactly what she was talking about, your assumption brings up a really interesting and important point. She was obviously taking time out of her night to take care of someone close to her, which we should ALWAYS do..people in our family, friends, and HELLO ourselves :D!!! What a happy thought.

  3. ohhhh foxy mama!! gorgeous, Laur... glad you enjoyed the night :)

    i think it is so beautiful when people are able to care for others rather than themselves. For so long i felt i was so consumed with myself and ED that i never cared about anyone else - awful! glad this little convo had an impact, doll :) have a great day! <3 xoxo

  4. looking HOT in that red dress, girl! glad to hear that everything worked out well.

  5. larua you look so pretty in that dress!!

    how long did you freeze your yogurt for, because I really want to try doing that but I have this fear that for some reason the carton will like explode. haha

  6. Beautiful dress and beautiful you! I'm SO happy for you that the formal went well -- sounds great!

    Oh, and yes -- I eat the same cups of CC!

  7. that dress looks HOT! hehe! so beautiful!

  8. (((****Smiling!****))))

    Beautiful dress!

    I bet that yogurt was absolutely AMAZING! Oh man, I wish I could have gotten in on that action!

  9. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for the comment, I appriciate every single one! :) Whoa is that you in the red? Some lucky guy should be swooning! Haha my fridge is a bit too cold too, the other dayI thought these carrots were part frozen! :0 Very intersting note, about the girl who was talking about her cholesterol and our disease. I agree that we CAN make it stop, but it is SOOO hard to find that power and completely ditch ED and turn our lives around, to move FORWARD 100%. We have the strength deep down, each one of us, except some have dug it further than the rest. :( This disease is particularly concieving and difficult to handle because it's physical to outsiders but more mental for the victums... Hope you have a nice Sunday! :D

  10. Hi Laura! Thank you so much for the shout out!!

    I love your dress, it's beautiful!!!!

    This is the first time i've been to your blog and I love it!

    Leah @ Simply Fabulous

  11. Your dress is beautiful. I am glad you had a good time. Keep up the fight!

  12. glad you had a revelation last night, i love those!
    sleep well and love yourself! take care darling.