Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi, my name is Laura

...and I'm a creep. I take candid pictures of men in University Cafe's!!!

But I just always feel like when I tell a story, I should have some sort of visual for all of you!
After my doctors appointment (which I have no idea how I did since my doctor went home sick, so another doctor just weighed me) I went to go get coffee at a cafe near the Health Services center. While I was looking over some of my bio notes (aren't I so studious?!) I couldn't help but overhear these two men conversing over coffee. And I guess there doesn't seem to be anything special or out of the ordinary about this, but for some reason it really affected me. These are two men, who are seemingly faculty here at UConn, have the most EDUCATED conversation I have heard in a long time. They were talking about traveling and the schools statistics and graduate students and classes and it just goes on forever! I just absolutely love listening to people having such scholarly and knowledgeable conversations. It reminds me that there are SO much more important things in life, and also reminds me that I'm currently surrounded my such well-informed people! It makes me just want to get out and learn every single thing I can!!!
My old therapist used to compliment me on how smart I was (sometimes a little TOO much but we won't get into that right now!). Although I didn't believe him, I loved how we would have such cultured conversations- ranging from current events to epidemics around the world. It made me SO excited to go to college, and hearing these two men discuss politics and everything else...well, it just made me realize that I am doing exactly what I have always wanted- educating myself on all aspects of this world!

Two more things I wanted to talk about (oh gosh, I'm sorry this is so lengthy!)
1. My dietician read the article in today's paper. It was kind of awkward having her mention it, and then kind of wait for me to talk about it. I wasn't really sure WHAT to say, exactly. But she did say that although we have formed a fairly good relationship, she respects that the blog is still a very personal part of me and my recovery, and she isn't going to read it unless I feel as if she should. How great is she?

2. (First of all, I know that my roommate has read my article, so Jackie if you are reading this please do not be offended! I just wanted to mention it to some of the girls on here so I can come up with an idea on how to cope with this. Love ya <3)
Okay, so my roommate decided to do an experiment for psychology regarding how her body reacts to a pretty drastic decrease in calories. I have mentioned in previous posts that I really look up to her and her confident eating habits, so I'm not quite sure how I am going to deal with this. I did mention to her to be careful that she doesn't cut out TOO many calories. I mean, even I could tell her how that affects one's body!! But having her only eat a salad and cooked veggies for dinner tonight was such a trigger, and I guess I'm just looking for any advice you might have on how I can deal with this over the next few weeks?

But don't you girls worry. I had the GREATEST sandwich for dinner tonight. Loads of hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles on two large pieces of whole grain bread. Can you say delicious?! I can!!!

Have a great Monday night girls!!!


  1. That dinner sandwich sounds amazing :) I take candid pictures of men...but at the gym. Or at least I try to. My make-believe gym bf <3 swoonage !!!!

    i wouldnt like if my roommate participated in that kind of "experiment" either...sounds like a very unhealthy way to do research!? WHAT kind of class is she in, bah??

    Love ya!

  2. aww! i love eavesdropping on other ppls convos too! glad your dietician is respecting your privary! you need to realize your roommate is at a healthy (i think?!) weight-- i mean shes not struggling with ED/DE right? YOU are TRYING TO GAIN WEIGHT-- YOU want to BE AT A HEALTHY WEIGHT-- she is NOT DOING THIS TO MANIPULATE HER BODY- she is doing it for a class as an effect on the mind! just keep it separate from you-- you are two different people! and if it does bother you a bit-- maybe just ask that she not talk about it with you until shes done! dont worry girl- u can do it i know how strong you are-- and so do you! you just need to remind yourself :)

  3. Hey! That does sound like an odd experiment. Just remember (as Jaime said), you are two different people and each body requires different needs. Tell her how you feel and ask her to attempt to keep that part of her life quiet until the experiment is over. If worse comes to worse, come read my blog as inspiration......I am a healthy-weight college student who eats PLENTY! (to counteract all of the walking I have to do!) haha You can do this!

  4. I'm a big people watcher and I LOVE hearing what other people are talking about - I don't know, maybe I'm nosy but I enjoy hearing other people's views on things.

    You do have a fabulous dietitian! That sam sounds FAB :)

  5. Wow, that is really great! Your dietitian seems so understanding and about you blogging too!

  6. First I so miss the college atmosphere. I loved running into intellectual, and sometimes very obscure conversations. Eavesdropping is teh best on a college campus.

    Also, I am still so happy and proud of you doing the article!!!

    Lastly, you really need to focus on your own recovery. If thta means not eating when your roommate is eating, that might be necessary. It would only be during your roommate's experiement so explain that to her. I am not saying this is necessary, but just remember getting healthy is the most important thing for you.

    Take care!

  7. that is such a wonderful, supportive thing for your dietician to do! how lovely that you have such an understanding person helping you.

    unfortunately i don't have much advice about the roommate eating situation. that seems like such a risky experiment, too, so i hope she doesn't get very caught up in this. this situation would trigger me too, but just keep in mind that by eating, you're nourishing your body and giving it the fuel that it needs, and that you're a different person with a different situation, and that your roommate is not trying to hurt you or get competitive. i'm sorry it's such a difficult situation :(

    have a wonderful monday night!

  8. Hey girl! I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and you seem like such a cool person! I struggle with DE/ED myself, so I understand what you go through..Right now I'm recovering..and in school to be a dietitian myself! Just wanted to say hello! Hopefully, we can support each other! Feel free to check out my blog and say hi! It's

  9. let me just say i am so jealous you go to UCONN!!
    do you like it? im applying there next year and hope to major in nutritional sciences.

  10. I dont mind at all....flattered actually! Have an awesome Tuesday filled with awesome food! :)

  11. Your therapist sounds so amazing! :) and respectful of you!

    As for your roommate, remind yourself that NO ONE in life has to influence your food choices, YOU make the decision hun! :)