Thursday, February 12, 2009

I solved the mystery!!!!

What mystery you ask? Why...I solved the mystery of the missing pecans!!!
Everyone has been asking- "where have all the pecans on the new Kashi Pumpkin Pie chewy bar gone?" Well...I have your answer!!

Onto my bar!!!!
I opened this baby up while I was studying for my Nutrition Exam this morning, and couldn't believe my eyes!! Now...if Kashi could only double the size of would be the PERFECT bar. =)

Also, I wanted to share with you another study snack of mine- except I had this one at about midnight last night. A girl's got to get her fuel!!

Yep, that's oats with Nesquik! I had SUCH a chocolate craving, but didn't actually have any chocolate in the room. But then I remembered the Nesquik that I bought the other night (it's been so long since I've had this stuff!) so figured I would try it in oats. The verdict- AMAZING!

Alright, so it's only 11:40 in the morning and today I have already-

-Had 3 cups of coffee
-Taken two exams
-Stepped in 4 piles of mud, and 3 puddles
-Solved a mystery
-Walked into a door
-Had lunch
-Posted on my blog
-Received a valentine from a friend (he know's me so well doesn't he?!"

Please note the PEANUT lovers Kudos. =]

Lyrics of the day- Zox//7th Avenue Prophet

The only thing that I could find
Was a beat up cardboard sign that said "love will save us all".


  1. You hit the JACKPOT with that Kashi bar! What a fabulous package from your friend!!

    That oatmeal is looking mighty fine :)

  2. holy pecans ;) lucky !

    and wow, walked into a door and into puddle and mud? girl, get yourself togetha! haha, just kidding...i am a huge klutz, especially in the supermarket...banging my cart into every possible display. :D

    love ya! nice pakcage, too--d.c.d. HOLLA!

  3. heya hun
    ooo lovely present :) yay for yummy food packages.
    sounds like uve had a busy day today, hope you have a nice relaxing night girlie
    love you lots
    ps that oatmeal=heavenly!

  4. oh girl since when did you become such an oats master?! I'm stealing that idea - and those kudos bars are my FAVORITE :)! I <3 the snickers flav <3

    Enjoy boo! and watch out for those puddles! <3 xo

  5. oh my gosh, look at that bar! lucky duck! and don't worry, i fell down the stairs holding a boiling hot cup of coffee the other day... no big deal, no big deal. ;)

    what a sweet valentines day package! from a boy?! oh, la la! love the post and love you!

  6. omg there are those pecans! now if only they were on every bar! hehehe. have a good day love

  7. that oatmeal is absolutely inspired! love it!

    i hope your exams went well today, and have an amazing rest of thursday.

  8. YAY for the sweet gift!!

    girl, your bar stole ALL of my pecans, mine today had like NONE!!! ;)

  9. I love that peanut butter flavor :) SO GOOD.
    oohh that vanilla chai tea is delicious too.

  10. Hey Laura! I just noticed that you're a fan of vanilla chai tea - definitely a favorite of mine too! Have a wonderful time at home :)

    xoxo Emily

  11. OMG- i had Nesquick chocolate milk with grilled cheese ALL the time as a little one :D!!! AND kudos bars- great memories i will have to get those!!

  12. Yes!! I think it will definitely help.. a GREAT support system to have, going through similar experiences in the same environment! And I have YOU to thank for it - your article in the paper was fantastic, brave, powerful... everything! :)


  13. Oh yum to nesquick! And oh wow, tasty tasty!!!!!!