Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a B day!!!!

1. FIRST of all, it's LEE'S Bday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!

But today's list of B's goes beyond this wonderful girls 19th birthday!!

2. Bad pictures and Balance Bars

I've never had a regular balance bar before...but I decided to try this Chocolate Cashew Balance Pure bar and I absolutely loved it!! It reminded me of a chocolate brownie Z-bar, but with a much shorter list of ingredients. In fact...this baby only has 8 ingredients- including cashews, soynuts, dates, cocoa, peanut oil, and salt. That's 6 right there!! It also has 9 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Brain power baby!

3. Bread
I went to lunch today and they were OUT of all wheat bread (which they restocked as soon as I took the bread I was going to eat....and I don't waste!). So I opted for pumpernickel bread...but what's so weird about this choice? Well...this was the only bread there that DOESN'T have it's nutrition facts printed on the bag. It's a mystery-calorie piece of bread. And I took two. =]
There's fake ham under there somewhere, I swear!!

4. Boys
There might be this boy...

Why wouldn't you want to?! People are so much more appealing when they are THEMSELVES! Even (especially)
if that means they are quirky and different. I get bored with repetition and ordinary....don't YOU?!



  1. Pumpernickel - YUMMMM!!

    Oh girl, keep us updated on the boy :)

  2. boys!?! i want to know! amazing job with the mystery bread-- you are incredible!
    & im not sure why i dont eat leftovers-- prepared food that has been sitting in my fridge just does not appeal to me that much! :)

  3. Haha I love the B theme.
    And we def need to hear more about this boy. Don't hold back from us here.

  4. love the b theme hun :)
    ooo lauras got a bop :P
    i love pumpkernickel bread, so yummy! and its great u got it without knowing the nutrition info, so freeing :)
    hope ur having a great moonday girlie
    much love

  5. BOY? DO TELL DO TELL! i love seeing you so happy laur! :)

  6. Oh, I love that mystery calorie bread :)
    And, I love Balance pure bars- I will have to look for that flavor...thanks for the review!
    A boy- do tell!!!!
    Have a wonderful Monday, my love!

  7. B's!! What a creative theme!!

    Good job on the mystery bread, that's definitely the way to go!!

    Have a great day :)

  8. B for Brooke :D

    love this post - so creative! and i also love pumpernickel bread! i guess ive never thought of expanding my bread repertoire. [ed seems to stick with ezekiel!] so thank you for the inspiration lovey!

    i cant wait to here about this certain BOY!

    <3 you! have a BEAUTIFUL day!

  9. WOOOOOOOOOO did you say BOY? :) details girlie!!!

    Good for you for getting that bread sans nutritional info! :) :) that is my kind of bread! mmm!

  10. Oh yes! Love your sandwich. I have never tried pumpernickel bread!

  11. great step forward today :)
    lots of love xxx

  12. omg i had that balance bar the other day and i thought it was AMAZING! i swear it tastes like a tootsie roll w/ cashew pieces in it. HEAVEN! glad you enjoyed it too!!!!

  13. love pumpernickel.
    the balance pecan cherry bar is pretty good too