Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jam Packed Day!!!

So girls, I had an ENTIRE post already thought out and so many points I wanted to touch upon today. But then today actually happened and it was just such an amazing day that I'm not in the mood for any deep thoughts. I would like to keep it light and fluffy, if you don't mind.

You know those days that nothing specifically spectacular happens, but it's just an all around GOOD day? That was today for me. And it started with these wonderful packed goodies:

I know it's Dannon Light, but it's the only thing they sell at the cafe's here at school. And it's tasty. So I ate that with some (unmeasured) kashi go lean crunch. Then for my MIDmorning snack (yes, ED hates it, but I love it!) I had a peanut butter oat Fiber One bar. I know it's filled with a bunch of funny ingredients, but I can't get enough! Bring on those funny ingredients!

Once I got back from lunch, I decided to take some pictures of my room for everyone. Now, I can't remember if I've showed you my walls before and I'm sorry if I have!! But I started going camera crazy, so just bare with me!!! Oh, and the first picture is a card that my mom sent me after I talked to her about having trouble with friends and being homesick here at school. She NEVER does anything sentimental, and it wasn't much (the inside only said "things will get better soon, love mom") but it was JUST enough and just what I needed.

Oh, and my wall of affirmations! Thanks to Lee for posting these a while back =)

And this is the collage I made on my wall during the first week of school. I was so unsocial =P

So after I went picture crazy I made plans with a bunch of people (who I all knew individually and just found out that they are all friends with each other! Ironic huh?!) to go see a movie on Saturday night. Hello social life!!!! I'm extremely excited and relieved about this.

After Chem I had a brief meeting with the Nurse/Psychologist in charge of a Group Therapy that I'm going to be starting next Wednesday. It's a coping skills group, and I'm really excited about it!

THEN I had an even MORE brief meeting with my dietician. I have been so honest with her recently, and it feels good to be able to admit that "I haven't been doing that" regarding certain things. I feel like she is more understanding when I tell her that things still frighten me. I guess honesty really IS the best policy =]

So things couldn't really get much better, could they? I've been eating well and making friends and today was just wonderful!

WELL. Things DID get better, and in a freakish way (I'll explain soon!)

I was all bundled up ready to go to the gym (which, by the way- best. workout. ever!) when I decided to check my mail. Well, GUESS WHO IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD?!?!


See me all bundled up?! I really was out the door!
But honestly, I have been DIEING to try Barney Butter since I started blogging!! I literally SQUEALED with joy when I saw these!!! Like, I can't even EXPLAIN to you how excited I am to try these. ALYSSA I LOVE YOU!!!!!

and THESE babies. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for them. I finally worked up the courage to buy the big girl clif bars, but it was just after the Holiday Season and these were a no-show =( BUT NOT ANYMORE!!


OH, and two more reasons why this package is freakish (AKA Alyssa knows me TOO well). That is a chocolate coffee jocolat bar back there. And a regular chocolate one. Well, the chocolate one is my absolute FAVORITE but I couldn't seem to find the coffee one anywhere (WF included!)
AND I have pretty much been wanting to buy those bunny grahams for ever. But I just never got around to it!!

AND I had an entire box of chocolate chip zbars in my hand today. But I didn't buy them. And I can't even tell you WHY I didn't. I guess I just KNEW I would be getting them ;-)

Alyssa, I can't even explain to you how happy I was to see this. I am so excited to try all of these and you are TOO thoughtful. You know me SO well, without actually KNOWING me and I don't deserve all of this! You are too sweet, and I wish I could thank you enough. I knew the MOMENT I saw the return address that it was from you. I SPRINTED back to my room and tore it open and dhjfkgfgjhfdjg!!!!! I can't even put how I feel into WORDS right now!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! <3<3<3<3<3

Girls, I had the best day ever! And I hope everyone had an amazing day as well. Tomorrow is Friday, BEST day of the week!


  1. Hell ya for a fabulous day! AHHH What a fun package!! Alyssa did a good job :D

    I have that same dry erase calender!

  2. that's such a great package! i'm glad you had such a wonderful day today, and i hope the happiness carries over to tomorrow.
    also, your photo collage is beautiful, and so is the wall of affirmations

  3. Aw!! Glad you had such a sweet end to your day!

    Keep up the amazing progress girl, you are doing awesome!

  4. Wow, love your walls! And oh my gosh, THAT IS ONE SCRUMPTIOUS PACKAGE!!!

  5. yay for unmeasured cereal!!! & for being honest with the dietician- i think thats great-- we are only hurting ourselves when we are not honest with ppl that want to help us! good for you! :) & what a nice package!! enjoy it :)

  6. FABU job today, my darlin! YAYYYYER! AM snacks are WHERE it's AT! Your metabolism needs its boost in the AM, DUH.

    And Alyssa being your secret cupid?! Can I just say y'all are two of my faaave lil chickpeas ever, so 0BVI I gotta love it!

    Adore you babygirl! Keep it up! <333

  7. 1.) they are from whole food! they are in the bakery department --they are packaged but it simply says "prepared for wholefoods market" they are yum though!
    2.) i wake up around 8 and eat at this time :)
    3.) you are so right!
    4.) WHAT A DICK!!!!!

    love u

  8. heya hun,
    wow thats a great package :) alyssa sure did send u some amazing stuff!! u have a pyshic sense girl i how u didnt buy the bars today and remeber how the day i recieved the package from our bar swap was the exact day u said u had a feeling it wud come!!

    im glad your going out with ur friends, enjoy yourself hun, u deserve a fun night out!!

    love you

  9. laura girl i'm so glad you had a good day! and your room is BEAUTIFUL.. your collages, affirmation wall... incredible! Please come to my room and decorate it for me :) I'll pay you in clif bars! ;)

    what a beautiful package..hope you enjoy everything!!

    have a good weekend boooo - love you! <3 xoxox

  10. Wow it sounds liek you really did have a great day! That is such good news, and makes my day honestly better when I hear others are doing well. And your collages are beautiful! I have collages of pics of my friends fro home all over my apt.
    Enjoy the package -- the iced gingerbread Clif bars sound sooooooo good!!!
    Take Care!

  11. Just started reading your blog! I saw you on K's. Congrats on overcoming the ED I know how hard it is :) Your blog is so fun! I'll def be reading it and what a fun package!!

  12. Yay for a fabulous Thursday, I hope your Friday and weekend is just as wonderful.
    Keep up the positive, inspiring energy!!!

  13. What a fun package! Awesome day!

    P.S.-Our dogs must be friends!

  14. That is too funny....Dannon Light is all they sell at my school too. Those Annie's Bunny Grahams are amazing!! :)