Friday, February 13, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Who's the humblest one of all?

My Humbles chips of course! Why are they called Humbles? Because they're made with the HUMBLE Chick pea =]
With olive oil, chick pea flour, and roasted red pepper- these chips were a hit!

Photo Shoot:

Being home just feels so comforting. I've just been lounging around for the most part- except this morning I had a doctors appointment in Providence- and I'll be honest, my doctor is worried about me. I've been doing a lot better at have structured meals- instead of overdoing it at night. But I guess it's not enough for my now I'm making an effort to include more things into my diet. Hence the chips at lunch! (and maybe a bowl of cereal afterwards. =] )

The rest of my day consists of going to Target, Stop&Shop, and then hanging out with my sisters fiance. Yeah, we're pretty much best friends. Gotta love it!

Oh, and Jaime- look what my mom has been eating for the past few months! I saw them and instantly thought about you! They aren't pumpernickel, but they are close enough right?!

Oh and also, I tried overnight oats last night. I wasn't able to snap a picture, but I tried oats, vanilla extract, and a little sprinkle of splenda. I'm always a little scared to add toppings...or rather, ED doesn't want me to. But I think I'm going to try them again tonight and have a spoonful of pb with it tomorrow morning. Baby steps, right?



  1. Ooooh I need to find those chips :)

    Go for the PB, doll! I'll send you the version of overnight oats I've made - tastes like banana bread!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. i demand to know where you found those chips - girl! what better combo is there than hummus and chips?!

    enjoy your day, love! :)

  3. Oh, my Laura love... I see SO much of myself in you! I know how hard you are trying, and I know how it is to have people tell you that you STILL have to try harder... I really think you just need to add a little bit of healthy fats to every meal - that way, you're getting the nutrition but not being scared off by a large amount of food. UM, YOU CANNOT FULLY ENJOY OVERNIGHT OATS WITHOUT A BIG SPOONFUL OF PB, YA HEARD? I better see a picture of your PB-ified oats tomorrow morning missy! Oh, and I WANT HUMBLES! They look marvelous... just like you. ;) <33

  4. yay for snyders pretzels! those hummus chips look so yummy! where did you get them!! :) glad you are taking your docs advice girl :) muahh

  5. Those chips sound really good, yet healthy too. Nice find :) Glad you're home and feeling good there. It's good to see you take what your doc had said and consider it! And do it. Good luck with your overnight oats and pb challenge ! Have a great fridayyyy!

  6. Oh yes to being home! I need to head back home soon! The snow keeps on coming! LOL!!

    Tasty pretzels, and hummus chips! YUMMMMM!!!

  7. heya girlie
    oo those pretzels and chips look so yummy :)

    im so proud of you for pushing forward and taking the docs adivce and giving yourself some extra nourishment where you feel its needed! your taking lots of positive steps, keep it up :)

    have a nice friday,
    love you
    and thanks for the odwalla bar...i LOVED it!

  8. Those chips look amazing! All the 'flavor powder' on them! I hope you're able to make the jump up to giving your body more healthy eats during the day. I know you can do it!

  9. Those chips look just fabulous!! Where did you find them? I loveeeee chick peas :)
    I can relate SO MUCH to having to take baby steps & being skeptical trying new things. It's so easy to just stay in your comfort zone, but we know that's what ED wants & we need to reject ED & his crazy thoughts!!! Have a great weekend & keep up the good work! <3

  10. yum!! I used to go home like every weekend in college :D It relaxed me soooo much! enjoy girl!

  11. Those chips sounds SO good! Did they taste like hummus???
    Baby steps is right- I am so glad you tried overnight oats!!! Def. add that PB tomorrow morning girl!!!!! You will LOVE it :)
    Have a wonderful night, my love.

  12. HUMMUS CHIPS?!?!?!?! I need to find thsoe!!!
    One step at a time girlie! Just making the oats is huge progress! try one topping at a time :) YOU WILL LOVE!!!!! :)

  13. Thank you for your comment - it makes so much sense!!! I also try to wear baggy clothes & hate if I can feel my shirt & stomach touching, something ED tells me is bad (but what does he know!?) Working out is definitely a personal thing for myself & I just need to remember that! Thanks for the reminders girlie!! xoxo

  14. Add the PB girl! You won't regret, and I agree you'll never go back to just plain oats! Keep can do this! Adding more every day..especially simple carbs will help..and it won't fill you up, so it wont seem like you're eating much more..Simple mind tricks can work so well in recovery! <3ya

  15. hey girl-- im sorry if #s are triggering for you. sometimes i need to just let things out and say how i feel--i cannot sensor everything i say in fear of how people may interpret it but next time i will be sure to put a little "warning" before i state anything that could be potentially triggering. i hope this helps! because i never want to make anyone feel bad or have triggering thoughts-- in fact that is the last thing i want to do-- but at the same time i think i need to be able to say whats on my mind no holds barred. i promise next time to put up a little "warning message" though! will this help!?!? let me know xooxo

  16. ps i reconsidered and removed the #- thanks for the input. have a good night doll

  17. i'm really sorry girl-- i think i just reacted too quickly (typical of me) without thinking it through. i never wanted to make you feel like that--i will not use # anymore! & my love -seriously you kno in your heart of hearts you do need to add a little to be healthy (this is what your doc said right?!)-- remember just keep pluggin away at it! & also remember i do not want to be the size i am right now -- this is not where i am staying-- i am working on GAINING not MAINTAINING!!!!

  18. sooo i love everything you got!

    im glad you are getting over your ED and eating pb&j because I say no one is every too young to eat them :)

    love those pretzel sticks too!