Saturday, February 7, 2009

Miserable Miserable Miserable

That's how I thought my day was going to be! I didn't sleep one single bit last night due to my roommates, ahem, snoring! However, despite my lack of sleep, I ended up being oddly energized for my day!

However, I have SO much work to do, so this is going to be another quick post (I'm sorry!) and I probably won't be around to post tomorrow either. I am so unbelievably overwhelmed with my classes.

I went to the mall today with my roommate though, and had Panera for lunch! I missed that place! It's weird going from working there almost every day to not even SEEING it!!

While at the mall I picked up a travel mug for my coffee, as well as a NYLON magazine. This mug, however, has a place where you can insert of course I made a collage! (I credit the idea to use this magazine to Lee though!)



It didn't come out EXACTLY as I pictured, but I'm pretty satisfied =)

OH. And my school started selling Zoe bars! I was so excited to try one, and obviously I grabbed the Peanut Butter one!

With an apple of course, on the most amazing plate a girl could ask for!!!

My opinion? It was just okay. There is something really familiar about the taste but I just can't place it. It reminded me of a larger version of a Jamfrakas bar, but not as good. BUT, it has 100% of Omega 3's.

Alrighty, this girl is off to get her butt in gear and hit the books!! I'll be reading blogs tomorrow, but if I don't comment I apologize!!!



  1. No worries about not commenting - school's important!!


  2. That is such a cool mug! And I have never heard of that magazine before!

  3. haha totally feel you with the snoring roommate dilemma - gotta get myself some ear plugs, ASAP.

    good luck with all that work miss! <3 xoxo

  4. im focusing on school too! no worries love :)

    your collage-coffee mug is so creative! a perfect way to make it your own :) and i love your apple slicer - you are so cute!

    love you! sweet dreams <3

  5. heya sweetie,
    im so so proud of you for having that pizza :) ur such an inspiration and im glad you pushed yourself and had a fearfood!
    love the collage, very artsy and cool :)
    hope you get some better sleep 2night,
    love you

  6. So sorry you have loud roommates. What a pain! Love your mug!!!

  7. girlllll i just cought up on ur posts & the pizza shizz just made me smile ;-)

    funny, i just went to the grocers and bought granola, my fear food, and did a post on it as well

    go us :-)

    cute mug! LOVE<3 nylon! so weird i have the same cut out "OFF THE WALL" by vans on my collage! Always be thinking of u now!