Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday: Day of Rest.

I honestly can not thank you girls enough for all of those wonderful responses about my sisters letter. I have been doing WONDERFULLY these past few days- with ED, with myself, with everything. I can't believe how much of an impact that letter has had on me, and I am feeling very good about my doctors appointment tomorrow.

However, for some reason I have found that when I ate foods that I normally wouldn't have, it was more comfortable for me to simply be happy about it, and move on. No pictures, no posts, just me eating those foods. That, on top of not having my camera cable, means no pictures of what I ate over the past few days. I am also extremely busy with all of my classes, so these posts are going to be pretty spontaneous, but I hope you girls will understand!!

I do have a few pictures that I uploaded a few days ago. The first one is just for kicks, and the second one....well....I'm not sure why I took it. But I need some pictures for you lovely gals!!

How weird is this apple?!

I feel like such an old woman with all of these 'medicines' and supplements.
Lactaid Tablets, Calcium pills, Zoloft, and yes....I chew my vitamins.

Oh, and I just found this picture that I took about 2 1/2 years ago. I thought I would share it with you! It's a butterfly and a bumble bee fighting (no insects were hurt in the taking of this photograph)

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, relaxes a little, and has a wonderful wonderful day! =]


  1. i just hope that this letter helps you to keep moving on! feeling that you are supported by family in these momments are really important, it's so good to have family on our side :) you're such a lucky girl laura, believe me!

    have a nice sunday =)

    kisses <3

  2. glad you are doing well girl! what a weird apple ahah

  3. I'm so glad you've been doing well! Keep on keepin' on, girl

  4. im glad the letter has motivated you and is helping keep you on a positive track. thanks for the comment on my blog and the reassurance that things will get easier without a scale.

    i noticed in your profile that it says you go to UConn. are you at the Storrs campus?

  5. keep it up babe, always remember that letter if you ever feel low
    lots of love xxxxxxxxx

  6. Sometimes I really just don't feel like taking pictures of my food and documenting everything i eat - to tell you the truth - sometimes taking pictures of my eats really stresses me out! I'm considering starting to only document foods I think are special and I want to share. so i feel you on that thing, girl.

    keep fighting darling and working with all of that beautiful motivation :) love ya ! xo

  7. Hey girl - I don't knock the chewable vitamins! At least yours aren't in the shape of bears or circus animals like mine ;)

    Don't worry about taking pictures of what you eat! I just want you to be in a happier place and if that means no food pics, big deal!! You've gotta do what's best for you :)

  8. hi sweetie
    im SO glad to hear how well your doing :) so proud of you! good luck at the docs!
    love the pic of the bee and the butterfly! so cute.
    and i think if your happier not taking pics...dont take them, do what makes u happy hun! i like your blog cause i like to hear about LAURA , not neccesarily what you ate!

    have a nice night girlie
    love you

  9. I feel the same way with all the medications, I did alot of damage to my body from my ed, but trying foods you once feared is a positive step in the right direction:)

  10. Im glad you have been feeling more relaxed and good for you for taking food risks :)

  11. hey laura, i didn tknow u were on zoloft ? what are all those meddies for? explain!!!