Friday, February 27, 2009

A wonderful start to the day.

Happy Friday everyone!!

My morning started out not too well. I woke up feeling under the weather, but once I got a good breakfast into me, things started to turn around. Maybe they were related?
I went to the dining hall for breakfast this morning, and decided that I felt like oatmeal. Now, normally I don't get dining hall oatmeal and put peanut butter on it because:
1. the oatmeal isn't I have no idea how much I have and
2. The pb only comes in 1.5 TBS packets. Which scares ED because that's more than I put on my normal oatmeal.

But I did it.
And now I have this satisfied feeling which I haven't had for MONTHS! (actually, I think I wrote about the last time I felt like this...and it was so long ago you probably don't remember!)

On another note..I'm a bit worried about the formal tonight. There's going to be dancing, and let me tell you girls something- I. Do. Not. Dance. I am just so uncomfortable dancing in front of people, and usually spend the time sitting at the table. But knowing how my date is, he's going to want to dance...and I'm terrified...

Just a few pictures before I begin my day! (agenda: weekly Big Y trip, gym, getting ready, formallll)

This is basically the extent that my school goes to in order to address NEDAW. But, it's something, so I really can't complain. And I got a free mini Luna out of it =]

New Bar Alert!!!
The verdict: although tasty and filling, this baby gave me the WORST stomach ache. So it's not going to be going on my shopping list.

Have a great Friday everyone!! And wear your PURPLE proud!!


  1. Great job with battling ED and going to the dinning haul. And oh wow, that new bar? I have never heard of it. Sorry about the stomach ache from it though!

  2. hi hun
    great job going for the oatmeal with pb even though its not what your used to due to no measurements, its great progress :) and the face that you feel content and satisfied is great for re-enforcing the fact that going againt ed is good!
    aw try not to stress about tonight girlie, just try go with the flow and have fun, enjoy the conversations with your date and try not to worry about the dancing aspects of it!
    love you

  3. mini luna?! so cute! try to loosen up tonight love. i know it's hard, but if you are there with a date who wants to dance, he's going to want to dance with YOU! and refusing to dance will only fuel ED and make him happy that you aren't having fun. remember the tattoo girl! BELIEVE IN YO' FINE SELF! love you laura <3

  4. That's great that you pushed yourself with the pb and oatmeal. I think it's good to learn to not rely on measuring out things. I looove the picture of your tattoo by the way...I have three myself and I love the idea of expressing yourself through art. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and I hope you are doing well...I'm actually from CT, but live in Chicago for college..I've lived there my whole life and never been to UCONN lol, all my friends go there and love it though. Have a great weekend!!

  5. you can do it! i know you'll have a kick-ass time!

  6. LAUR good for you getting those oats this morning girl! ive considered getting the ones in my dining hall but honestly? they're just a big glob of mush.. but i am so proud of you for challenging yourself!

    and dont worry about the dance, love. you will have a GREAT TIME. just let loose! everyone looks pretty silly dancing in my opinion - embrace your inner goofball :)

    cant wait to hear how it goes!

  7. Doesn't it feel liberating to overcome an ED fear?

    And I know once you start dancing, you'll have a great time. I always hesitate at first when I have to dance in front of people, but I find that I can really become myself once I start, and i always have a great time. In the words of Lady Gaga: "Just dance!"
    Have a good day!

  8. look at you go girlfriend! don't worry about not being able to measure it out, it just makes you THAT much stronger and confident in your hunger! and as far as the dance goes, do what makes YOU comfortable, but once you get past the initial awkwardness, the dancing just comes naturally then :) you got it! can't wait to hear how it goessss

  9. If you ever feel like you WANT to dance, but are too embarrassed, push yourself to do it anyway. If you do NOT want to dance, never be ashamed to say, 'No thanks, I don't really like dancing.' Just try to get in tune with what you really FEEL like doing!

  10. GOOD FOR YOU girlie!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you for facing Ed and eating breaky in the dining hall!! :) :) :)

  11. AWESOME job fighting Ed and eating in the dining hall. I am glad a positive feeling came out of it and Ed wasnt able to bring you down. I am the same way about dancing- if you dont want to dance then tell your date that. hopefully he is understanding enough to not push you.

  12. Fage is very sour, if your not used to it then it will probably taste very odd. Try mixing in some fruit, honey, nuts, or even some cereal or granola to give it a little flavor. I didn’t like the Fage at first either, but over time I have become addicted to it, and now I just can’t get enough. Is there another type of yogurt that you eat often?

  13. yay for the oatmeal! :) amazing girl! i wish my school did something for NEDAW-- they dont! sorry about the bar situation-- have a good time at the formal-- a shot of vodka always helps me loosen up! :)