Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 minutes and I still can't think of a title.

Today is a roller coaster of a day. I keep getting these "high's" followed by extreme "low's" and I'm not really sure why. Actually, that's not true...I have some idea, and it has to do with overeating last night and feeling miserable about it. I know it's in the past, and there is nothing to do but look forward. However on top of eating a stomach-turning mixture, our dorm room also got unbearably hot so my night was spent sweating and trying my hardest to fall back to sleep. Only to wake up to rain and another day of trying to increase my calories and decrease my exercise. It's been really tough, and admitting that is difficult for me because I so often throw a smile on my face and pretend that I'm okay with everything. Today however, I find myself taking it out on others around me, as well as myself. And I'm hoping that by typing this I will be able to clear my mind, realize that life goes on- tomorrow will come and I won't have that "last-night guilt" lingering over me, and I will soon forget about this.

Before I continue, I want to share what I received in the mail the other day: Samples from YouBar! How generous were they? They sent me samples of both their bars AND their protein powders! Can you believe I've never had a protein shake before!?

Of course I couldn't wait, and immediately tore into the Great Date with Chocolate!

Opinion: I remembered hearing a few people mention that the chocolate flavor didn't shine through with this bar, but I thought exactly the opposite! All I could TASTE was chocolate! It reminded me of a mix between a brownie and a Clif Nectar bar...but regardless, it was sticky and chewy, and kept me satisfied for over 2 hours! That's some staying power! Plus, it has 8g of protein and 35% calcium! If the rest of the bars are this good, I'll definitely be creating my own!

I'm a little skeptical about the bar that's called "Bored In Iraq Bar-Horst ". It has an extremely lengthy ingredient list and seems to have every ingredient possible thrown in! It's on the larger side too, but the first 3 ingredients are dates, peanut butter, and walnuts. PLUS you only live once right?! I'll let you girls know once I try it!!

Thank you so much YouBar!!
I was planning on typing more about my day, and trying to sort things out that are going on in my head...however I'm really not in the mood, and a shower sounds much more appealing to me right now. Have a wonderful evening everyone, and I'm sorry I'm not my typical self!



  1. I'm riding the same extreme emotion roller coaster you's hard! I'm glad you liked the did you manage to score samples? I see a lot of bloggers get free swag from food companies but I don't know how you guys do it!

  2. I know all about that emotion roller coaster!! I was riding it monday and tuesday but on wednesday I felt a whole lot better.

    And to echo Stef... how do you guys get such amazing free samples!??

  3. Laur - I honor your for being so open about your negative feelings. I think being upfront honest and coming to terms with our emotions is definitely a lot more effective than bottling them up! Please don't hesitate to email/faceboko me if you need to vent a little more =)

    Those youbars sound awesome! I have some samples on the way and I can't wait to try them!

    have a great day angel xoxo

  4. hi hun
    aww im sorry your having a rollercoaster of a day emotionally. but i think thats something in recovery that happends from time to time....alot of emotions weve held back comes out at once and we have a crazy day with lots of ups and downs. just remeber all feelings pass hun so whenever your feeling low try to do something to make you smile and remeber you wont always feel so down. venting with the emotions helps alot too, wether its blogging ot talking to someone , as long as you dont lock the emotions inside. im always here if you need a chat girlie!!
    ooo yay for bar samples :) enjoy them!
    oh and i loved our bar swap! the bars you sent me were fantastic and led to my addiction to clif bars :)
    love you girlie

  5. I love the concept behind the 'YouBar' brand! Lucky you, for getting some samples!

    And I can really relate to the misery that comes with sleeplessness. It totally makes the coming day seem so much worse. Stay strong, Laura! You're better than ED!

  6. Fun samples!! Glad you liked 'em and hope you enjoy the monster bar :)

    I'm sorry you're having a rough day - "life goes on - tomorrow will come" SO TRUE! Just try to hang in there, girlie!

  7. hey girll!
    ahh i can totally relate to how you are feeling-- ive been there many times! i think you are doing exactly what you need to do-- putting it in the past and moving on!

    thanks for the youbar review :) xo

  8. youbars sound so yummy
    have a great day :)

  9. Hey sweetie!

    I know exactly what you are going through as I was there Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Just remember today is a new day.

    I wanted to give you a Helping Hand (visit my blog) -- you are so strong to fight ED and keep on trucking.

    Take Care!

  10. Awesome samples! That's always fun!

    Sorry about the rollercoaster of emotions! I hope you hit a HIGH point soon! :D

    I love you too girlie! lol Gilmore girls can bring people together! Because if you love GG, you probably have some other things in common! ;)

  11. Good for you for recognizing and talking about this hard time that you're having. This is a low point, but you'll move beyond it and feel much better soon. We all have bad days, some more than others, but everything will eventually balance out. Feel better!

  12. today is new day girl :D SO is tomorrow. I think blogging and processing is a healthy way of dealing with it, and that's SO good that you are noticing that you may be taking it out on others...i notice myself doing that a lot, and the first step to STOPPING it is to actually see it right!? Perk up firlie:)

  13. Everyone has days when things get on top of them, you don't need to apologise for anything. I hope you are feeling better and that you had a better night's sleep last night, sometimes that can really help.