Saturday, March 14, 2009


Apparently it's the new "thing" to change all of the pepsi-product designs?

I'm not so sure I like it. I guess the sierra mist design isn't too bad...but the Pepsi one is just so bland!

There isn't much to this post. Just a few pictures that I've been meaning to post! I have a lot to do tonight before I head off to school in the morning. Here is some of the stuff I'm bringing back with me:

+Corn Vitatops
+Greek Yogurt
+Cottage Cheese
+String Cheese
+Vanilla Soy Milk
+Vanilla Ensure (...yum...)

And lastly!


Have a lovely night!!


1. Amy brought this to my attention:

Obama+Pepsi=too similar? Perhaps!


I'm not angry at what the scale is telling me PERSAY, I'm angry that society has led us to believe that the number on the scale is telling us who we are as a person! A number doesn't define us, never forget that!!!!!


  1. Hahah, you're too cute! And love your haul! LOVE RITZ!!!

  2. Ugh..the rage against the scale. I feel you babe!

    Great groceries :D I spy THIN MINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and the Pepsi logo...yeah, not sure how I feel about it. Some of their new promotional ads (tv and print) have been compared to Obama's logo/symbol. Interesting!

    Have a lovely night Laur.

  3. haha oh Laur - why are you so damn cute! looks like you are all set to go back to school =) travel safely precious <3

  4. Awww. Sorry you're feeling angry about the scale!

    Yummy looking grocery buys :):)

  5. FAAAAAAAABULOUS grocery buys, dollface!

  6. Hey, just stumbled across your blog, I'm in the UK and don't think they have changed the Pepsi logo here yet. Maybe they will change it soon? Anyway, your blog is cool, keep up the good work :)

  7. Love your stash for school! Yea, I dont like the Pepsi Logo either!!

  8. HAHAHHA omg that scale pic is so perfect! I agree, Pepsi is definitely trying to mooch off of Obama's momentum or something but they need to get a better lookin logo! Have a safe trip back to school!

  9. hi hun,
    love what you wrote about the number on the scale, so true!
    love the yummy food stash for schoolies :)
    have a great weekend
    much love

  10. great post girl! you are so right! and we never really weigh ONE set number anyways :) xoxo

  11. I agreed about the scale. As a recovering anorexic, I don't own a scale. I keep telling myself that I am more than just a number. Hopefully, one day soon I will believe this.

  12. Love the haul! I completely agree about the scale. I have considered literally walking mine to the dumpster and throwing it in, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I keep reading all the studies about people who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to lose weight, and it makes me want to keep the scale.

    But it really does determine my mood for the entire day when I cna't resist but weigh myself in the morning. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    Take Care sweetie!

  13. Love the comment about the scale! We are so more than a number...soceity is crazy.

  14. The pepsi logo is weird and way too similar to the Obama campaign symbol. Way to be original, Pepsi!

  15. could that be the fore court scale????? I hate that damed thing hah.... love you posts laura, they keep me inspired <3


  16. You bet that's the fore court scale!! Silly thing, likes to run my life. Run AND ruin. Well...enough of that already!!

    I'm glad my posts have such an impact on you =]